Friday, February 8, 2019

Shopping Goals: February, 2019

Well, I'm officially still putting "2018" instead of "2019" on things.  I had to fix the subject of this post *thumbs up* doing great!  I'll have to add "stop putting wrong year on things" as part of my monthly goals for this month *laugh*.

I wish I felt better, but at least I'm up to about 70% I'd say.  Everyone in the household still feels like they got hit by a truck and are feeling icky on and off.  The daughter is currently lying down in bed with a headache and stomachache and I know it's due to this virus just NOT letting go.  It's miserable.  But we are getting over it.  Slowly, but surely.  Emphasis seems to be on "slowly".

I know this post is taking up the spot of where the "Frugal Friday" post should be, but I'm still working on it, so you get a substitution post instead.

Shopping goals for this month have definitely gone diverse on me.  I had hoped to be able to keep it simple with just some basic groceries and a "get daughter gift for birthday" in there as her birthday is this month, but, once again, things happened and so it's gone pear shaped on me. 

First there was the cake pans.  The cake pans that I bought new less than two years ago and SHOULD still be nearly brand new.  The cake pans I've babied and made sure to always hand wash, not use anything the least bit sharp on and everything else they tell you to do that will make your pans last and last.  I made cake in them and the cake stuck, even after greasing the pans.  This irritated me as they are SUPPOSED to be non-stick.  Then, after I washed them and dried them I was putting them away when I noticed rust already developing on the pans and that the non-stick finish was so thin in places that it was nearly non-existent.  The same thing happened when I went to use my muffin pans.

This whole scenario just irritates me to no end.  It's almost like it doesn't matter how much you spend on baking pans anymore (and believe me I've spent a decent amount on some of them cumulatively over the years), you end up with pans that are just crappy quality and die on you if you bake the least bit in no time flat.  So, after looking at my past records and realizing how much I've spent on baking pans the last five years, trying to find ones that would last more than three uses before starting to die, I took the plunge and put some USA pans on my Amazon store card.  I figure I'll pay it off and then order a few more to replace the warping, rusting, sticking piece of crud pans I have and just start getting some nice quality baking pans a few at a time until I don't have to worry about buying more for quite a while.  Take that sub-par quality items!  So I have two round cake pans and a muffin pan coming in early next week.  That was part of the "diverse" turn the shopping list ended up taking.

Next up was cat food.  I needed to buy some cans to supplement out the cat's wet cat food until next payday, but also wanted to buy something that Belkar, otherwise known as the "I hate food cat" would actually eat before she blows away in the next wind, and I found that tuna fish was on sale this week for .59 a can with a digital coupon.  Belkar loves tuna fish and the tuna fish was actually cheaper than buying a few cans of cat food, so the cats get a treat of tuna for a few days before we get paid next.  They seem very happy with this situation *laugh*.

Anyway, now that you've listened to my shopping list tangent, let's get to the list!

Regular Stores:

  • Cream cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Buttermilk
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Pillsbury Chocolate Frosting (for son's cupcakes for daughter's birthday)
  • Tuna fish for cats (done) (contains affiliate links):

Target/Used Stores:

  • Birthday Gifts for Daughter (I actually found a really cute gift at one of the used stores today that I know she'll love, so I'm a bit ahead on that anyway :)

And there you go, folks.  My kind of odd shopping goals for the month.  How about you?  Need to get anything this month?


  1. Good morning Erika,
    I had an idea for a gift for your daughter, if she doesn't have one already. A knitting loom kit. I bought one for my daughter from Wal-mart. She knitted a hat for herself and taught me how to do it too. It is fun and relaxing and EASY. Not too expensive on Amazon or at the Craft stores. Take care and feel better soon.
    Barb in PA

  2. I have that USA muffin pan and it’s the best muffin pan I’ve ever had.

  3. My father-in-law used to work at a bakery and he would bring home the bread pans that were being discarded. They look very much like the pans you are getting in texture. I was given 6 for my bread making, which I have used for years and love them, the coating endures and they are so easy to clean up. I hope your USA pans will last as well! Ann

  4. I think you will be pleased with the USA pans. I have the cake pans, loaf pan, and sheet pan. They are heavy duty and clean up so easily. I get really lovely even browning in the cake pans. Definitely worth the money!!

  5. I have found my best baking pans at second hand stores. People don't cook any more and they just get rid of the best stuff.

  6. I also have the USA muffin tin as well as a 9x13 pan for baking bar cookies. They have both held up very well for 5+ years.

    I started to laugh when I read about the tuna fish for your cat! We also have a picky eater cat and just today I found chicken legs on sale for $.69 a pound, bought some, cooked them up, and the cat was in 7th heaven!

    Sending good wishes that everyone keeps getting better.

  7. Nice to hear that you are on the mend....perhaps slowly, but it's still looking better.

    My eldest daughter's birthday is in February too. We just celebrated this weekend with a simple homemade meal of her choice: chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes. And since she's not a fan of cake, I chose to make her brownies instead! She's getting married this year, so my husband and I decided to forgo the usual gifts, and give her some money to put towards wedding expenses as needed.

    Baking pans can be quite a bane to purchase. I dislike any type of nonstick pan as the finish wears off in no time, but it is difficult to find some old-fashioned non coated pans. This will be on my wedding list for my daughter as she'll need to stock her new house with cooking paraphernalia.

    Pat J.

  8. I am thinking of buying silicone baking pans as they will be easier to clean and maybe last longer. My daughter's dog has to have a low fat diet. I sometimes think she eats better then us.

  9. I have Saladmaster cookwear cake pans and they are wonderful! I have had them for close to 47 years and they still bake and look as good as when I first purchased them. They do require being greased with shortening and dusting with a light coat of flour but then cakes come right out after they are baked! These pans were pricey but they have proven to be well worth what I spent way back when. Penny S.