Thursday, January 11, 2018

Monthly Goals: January, 2018

Okay, so we're NEARLY halfway through the month and I'm just getting these posted.  Oops!

I've been so busy I nearly just skipped making myself a list of things that still needed to be done, but really I get a lot more done when it is written down, so hopefully I can get the rest of my list done in the time I have left this month.  Hopefully tons of appointments and things won't get in my way of doing what needs to be done. 

The main goal this month revolves around the loveseat.  "Old Tattered" really needs a redo, so I'm going to look through my materials and come up with something to cover the eyesore (pic of how it looks now seen up top).  At the moment my son is delighting in ripping the leather away as it shreds, so yeah...something needs to be done to stop that from happening.  I am NOT looking forward to redoing another piece of furniture (all hail the blisters!), but you do what you got to do.  Stay tuned for that.  Hopefully I can make it look better...although I doubt that would be hard at this point *laugh*.

So, yeah other than that, let's get to the goals for the month!

Sewing Goals:

  • Sew new couch cushion covers for loveseat
  • Sew new arms onto the loveseat
  • Work on mending and clothing alterations (in other words...hem some pants)

Household Maintenance/Cleaning Goals:

  • Change water filter on fridge (I got a four pack of filters with our Christmas gift card from my family).  Done!  They came in a couple of days ago and I got that done.
  • Change water filter on water softener.  Done!  Husband did that earlier in the week.
  • Take down and clean pieces of chandelier in kitchen 
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Clean children's air purifiers
  • Take down and wash curtains
  • Move beds and deep clean under them
  • Gut children's closets, clean and reorganize
  • Remove caulk/Dap from around tubs and redo them (this requires scheduling out times with the family since you can't use the shower for 24 hours after doing it)
  • Replace guts in children's toilet (we have the kit to rebuild it, it just needs to be done)
  • Wash down wooden surfaces with Murphy's Oil Soap (I've used the same container for YEARS...a little of it goes a long way) and oil any that need extra sealing (excluding kitchen those next month)
  • Move furniture in children's rooms and shampoo carpets (this kind of goes hand in and with cleaning under their beds and's long over due!).

Financial Goals:

  • Wait for paycheck to come in and figure out budget for remainder of the month (we got paid today and got paid early last paycheck as well, so the next pay period is super long, money is tight after paying the mortgage this paycheck as well.  So, budgeting is going to be SUPER important the next 20 days or so)
  • Pay residual dental bill (done).  We got a surprise bill from my husband's dentist from back in July.  They were really apologetic about it as the computer did some funky things (thus why every time I would call on it in the past they would say we didn't have a balance in the account due) and they had caught it when they audited the system at the end of the year.  Which led to 50.00 I wasn't planning on having to pay out this month, but at least we had the money to cover it.
  • Make do!  (It's always good to write that down to keep motivated)

Baking Goals:

  • Bake bread based foods this Saturday.  Make enough bread to last two weeks, freeze and defrost as needed.  This is going to include crumpets or English muffins (depending on what I have for rings around here to use as molds), whole wheat and white breads,  pan de mie (I'm going to check my Julia Child's cookbooks first in case she has a recipe for a loaf pan that large) and probably sweet roll dough to make cinnamon rolls and maybe some other sweet roll for a breakfast treat next weekend.
  • Make cookies this weekend for snacks to send to school with daughter.  Make strong flavored gingerbread cookies and frost with royal icing to send with the son (he REALLY likes the gingerbread house, so I'm hoping that he might get to liking gingerbread).
  • Put together a few freezer meals if possible

And, yeah, that's my goals for the rest of the month.  I have NO IDEA if I'll get it all done, but I'm hopeful at this point.  How about you?  Got anything you need to get done this month?


  1. Those are all great goals. I wish my husband was handy , he can't even change the water filter on the fridge correctly.

  2. We redid our sofa too, I went online and found some upholstery fabric and it was much cheaper than in the stores there was free shipping and I think it came out to about $10 a yard I overbought and it's a good thing I did because my husband went snippy happy with the scissors anyway I have a great big sectional so it took a lot for us but we actually just staplegunned it into place and while it does irritate the heck out of me that are attached cushions get wrinkly and I have to tuck them back into place it's a heck of a lot better than it was. I will never never again by any sort of sofa with attached cushions though or the fake leather

  3. Could you possibly just cover with furniture cover, or an old quilt or something like that? Lot less work!
    great goals!

    1. Tried it. Unfortunately, Alvah LOVES blankets, covers or slip cover types of things, so they last a total of three seconds before they are back in his room *laugh*.

    2. Could you use/make a slip cover, but staple the cover on so it is not easily removed?

  4. Are those seat cushions at least removable? I'd do slip covers for those with zippers or velcro - whichever one is more likely to last thru an Alvah attack :) The arm ones I am sorry to say, you're gonna get blisters unless you use a rubber coated glove and a pliers. I've covered a fair share of cushions and couches - our current dog couch is doing the same thing and I keep sewing denim patches on it!
    Melissa V

    1. Yup, thank goodness, the cushions are removable, so those will get simple slip covers made for them. The rest will just be work, and blisters *laugh*.

  5. That couch!!! It's been a problem for a while for you. But, you always come up with such creative solutions, and it gets fixed, and looks great for a while longer. Amazing:)

    Good luck with the next few tight-budgeted weeks!

  6. What about duct tape on the parts you can’t slip cover? Our son poked holes in his computer gaming chairs (he’s on the spectrum) and we repaired them with duct tape. Doesn’t look the greatest but it did the job fairly quickly, and no sewing!