Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's for Dinner: This Week's Menu

 Well, this last week's menu was different, but not bad or anything.  I ended up making taco soup one night (my husband keeps referring to it as chili because I made it super thick *laugh*), we had a beef roast with root veggies one night (seen up top there) and I ended up pulling out the free bagels I'd gotten from the Carrs Monopoly game over the summer and we used up those as bread (turns out my daughter loved them, which helped) with dinners.  I made burgers Monday night, we had meatloaf Tuesday (using leftover burgers crumbled up with what was left of the ground beef from the burgers as well, two eggs and lots of bread crumbs) and last night we had BBQ chicken (in the crock pot) with baked potatoes.  So tonight's dinner is going to consist of leftovers since we have leftover meatloaf and taco soup/chili to use up and then onto another week of dinners to plan.  This next week is going to be super tight money-wise, so planning is definitely going to help.

Update on my car.  I ended up getting the tires changed over day before yesterday, so at least I'm prepared for winter now (made money even tighter though as I had to use the consistency of one tank fill up for my husband to pay for the tire change over).  They didn't fix my old summer tire.  Basically, it's so worn down that it wouldn't be legal to stick on my car next year anyway, so they didn't see the point in repairing it.  Kind of depressing, but considering I was running our old winter tires from YEARS ago (I think they are six years old now) as my summer tires...well eventually I was going to have to worry about replacing them.  And hey, now all of my tire sensors work!  Woohoo for that as I was worried that one of the tire sensors (that they swore was broken on the last tire change over) was indeed broken and would have to be replaced.  Turns out that whoever had reset the tire sensors had done it just completely wrong, so that's why the one tire sensor wasn't working.  Always fun.  But at least it's fixed :).

So, yeah, let's get to this week's menu!

Wednesday:  BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, green beans

Thursday:  Leftovers (choice of taco soup/chili or meatloaf, mashed potatoes and salad)

Friday:  Ham and cheese croissants (was given some croissants so I want to use them up, ham from freezer)

Saturday:  Waffles, eggs, sausages and peaches (from pantry)

Sunday:  Roast chicken, roasted root veggies (carrots and potatoes)

Monday:  Home made pizza

Tuesday:  Chicken noodle soup (use chicken carcass and left over roasted veggies as stock base) with home made noodles

Breakfasts:  Toast (cinnamon sugar, butter or butter and jam/jelly on top, depending on preference), eggs, french toast (Saturday), cinnamon rolls (Sunday)

Snacks:  Cheese sticks, apples, crackers, Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodles

Desserts:  Apple crisp or cake (use canned apples from pantry...undecided on which one I'm making yet), sugar cookies (make for treat for husband...daughter wants to make them Halloween themed, so that might be fun), ice cream (home made in freezer), rhubarb dream bars

And there you are folks.  Our menu plan for the week.  How about you?  Making anything new this week?


  1. I lucked out at the grocery store today and found tons of bags of shredded cheese with a date of Feb marked down to 99 cents, so bought a lot of those. They had freezer meals too, marked to $3, usually 12, so I bought 3 to have one hand. I wanted to buy more, but was at the end of my money. Trying so, so hard not to go over. I bought some gifts for people today, so used up pretty much everything but my personal cash and next weeks grocery money.

    I'm using some Bear Creek rice mixes I got 2 for $1 a few weeks back to do a (leftover) chicken and rice casserole for dinner, we did spaghetti, and I'll be doing philly cheese steaks, with ground beef tomorrow.

    Too bad about your tire, better safe than sorry though. I was pulling out today from Target to go get my son at PreK, and out of nowhere this collage student (and we live in a collage town so it's always bad the first few months they come) nearly sideswipes me. It was one of those things where time slows and you think, I can't stop this. I'm going to hit them. If someone had been coming from the other side that my car jerked into it would have been a nightmare. I was so grateful my tires kept traction because I was starting to spin and my feet were knocked away from the pedals. I'm still freaked out over it, but so, so thankful God kept me and the car safe. Having your car safe and working well is so important because of all the crazies out there. So many times you hear about a car that couldn't stop because they had bad brakes or something.... it's awful. It's expensive, but could save your life, or damage on your car! I'd say for 6 year old tire though, you got your money's worth!! Espcially with the extreme cold up there putting more stress on it.

    Your menu sounds great, as always. My husband would be so jealous to see it!

  2. I'm glad that your vehicle is back in business. I've planned our menu. My son is getting married Saturday night, so I didn't have to plan two meals because of the rehearsal dinner and the meal after the wedding. I'm not really getting off easy, though, because I'm making 100 cupcakes and the groom's cake. Busy! I took Friday off so I won't be stressed getting everything done. Other meals are Mexican casserole, chili dogs, Hamburger helper, and breakfast for dinner. I have various veggies in the pantry and freezer.

    I read every post, but I don't always comment. I'm so glad the birthday boy liked his sheep pillow! I'm happy for you about all the canning too!

  3. We are on 2+ months of eating from the freezer / pantry. Things are starting to get low around here but still making meals - sometimes very interesting ones where you have to think outside the box. When I start getting down about having very little money to work with right now or worried about food / bills it helps to read your blog. You do so much with what you have. You are an inspiration. I know these times will pass for both of us but some days I just wish it would hurry up. lol. Take care.

  4. I did just terrible on the money front this past week. We've had a heat wave here, (Ont, Cda) for the past week and a half. I HATE hot weather. I'd much more prefer colder temperatures, so as far as cooking went, I hardly did any because it would have heat up an already extremely hot house. I did serve sandwiches, soup and salad a couple of times, then we ate out a few times more than we normally do. For a treat, we might grab a pizza, or other not-to-expensive take-out item every other week, but because of the weather we pretty much used up our take-out allotment...and then some, all at once. Sometimes things just don't go according to plans. I'm looking forward to some proper Fall weather, and as such all the nice cool weather meals that accompanies it.

    Your menu sounds delicious!