Friday, August 11, 2017

What's for Dinner: This Week's Menu

Right, so last week's menu plan?  Well, I did OKAY I guess, although Saturday is when things started going funky.  My husband was up late helping my brother-in-law getting ready to move out on Sunday, so my daughter and I had waffles and sausage for dinner (from the freezer on both counts) and then Sunday I made the sausage gravy and biscuits for dinner.  I used evaporated milk in the sausage gravy because we were getting low on regular milk and I had the evaporated milk to use up and BOY did that make the meal filling.  Sunday we just had left over steak and my husband had the last baked potato, I had a salad (I didn't feel like potatoes or bread) and my daughter had bread and butter and a small salad with dinner.  It worked okay.  Monday we had BBQ ribs as when I was going down to get the spare ribs out of the freezer a rack of actual ribs landed on my foot and I took that as a sign that the darned things wanted to be cooked when I couldn't get them to fit in the freezer right without falling out (yup, some nights that is how I roll with the "what's for dinner" question).  Tuesday I cooked some chicken in the crock pot in some cream of chicken soup and once it was cooked and the rice cooked in the rice cooker I made cheesy chicken casserole for dinner.  It's one of my husband's favorite comfort type foods and he happily took the casserole to work for lunch for the next few nights (win win as far as I'm concerned :).

Last night we had beef roast in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots and tonight I made corned beef, cabbage and neeps and tatties (turnips and sounds fancier the other way *laugh*).  I was out of carrots, so I just added more potatoes in to pad out the meal.  Funny.  Just a little bit ago I would have balked at the idea of doing something like that.  I would have been like, "No, you need carrots for this meal as that is the way it is done.  Period.  I'm going to go and buy some carrots."  Now I'm like, "Yeah, that'll be fine" and just add what I have on hand *laugh*.

I've been depending on my crock pot more here.  I'm finding with speech therapy and other appointments going on, I quickly run out of time to make dinner in the afternoon as my husband is working a mid-shift type of shift right now (he's learning some programming skills and things and that's the shift where the guys who know that stuff are on) and he has to be out the door by six in the evening, so we're eating dinner around four thirty ideally right now, so he gets some time to get ready to go to work and spend a little bit of time with the kids.  So, I'm either going to have to get good at making dinner ahead of time and reheating it, get good at quick cooking meals OR use the crock pot and things more once the kids start back to school here as that's the only way he's going to get a chance to eat while I'm juggling kids and homework and things.  Fun times!

So, yeah, onto this week's menu (or the rest of it ;).

Wednesday:  Crock pot beef roast with potatoes, carrots (last of garden carrots from the freezer *sniff*), turnips (from freezer) and peas (from freezer)

Thursday:  Corned beef with cabbage, neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes)

Friday:  Crock pot spare ribs in honey mustard sauce, salad, baked potatoes

Saturday:  Turkey enchiladas (use ground turkey in freezer), Spanish rice, salad

Sunday:  Home made pizza night (last night before school starts) with home made bread sticks (for son).  Make meatloaf for husband to take to work for lunch (too much pizza with his acid reflux is a BAD idea) with mashed potatoes and green beans (make a frozen dinner type of lunch for him).

Monday:  Lamb roast with balsamic reduction, garlic toast, salad.

Tuesday:  Left over meatloaf night.

Desserts:  Vanilla pudding, 2 layer cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries, home made chocolate chip ice cream (I made it using the rest of a chopped up chocolate Easter bunny as the chips in the ice cream), cookies (note:  Make cookies).

Snacks:  Apples, cheese and crackers, animal crackers (we have a HUGE thing of them we were gifted.  Alvah can't have them but the daughter and husband will like them :), home made graham crackers and milk.

And there you are folks.  Our menu plan (even later than I wanted because my computer crashed last night before I could post this) for the week.  How about you?  Eating anything good this week?

And there you are folks.  Our menu plan for this week.  How about you?  Tried anything tasty lately?


  1. I am planning easy meals for next week since I'm going back to school, just like your kids. Leftovers Monday night (potluck birthday dinner on Sunday), sandwiches, breakfast for dinner, and maybe burgers will be on the menu. I know it will take me a little time to get used to my schedule again.

  2. Our menu this week:

    Saturday: Cajun dusted chicken wings on the BBQ, spinach and cheese dip, nacho chips as dippers, veggie sticks. *Eating outdoors

    Sunday: BBQ'd Pulled Pork on buns with coleslaw, baked potato wedges, corn on the cob. Company's coming for dinner so need to make lots. Blueberry-lime cheesecake squares for dessert.

    Monday: using some leftover pork make tacos, garden salad (if any remaining pork, use in wraps for lunches.)

    Tuesday: Vegetarian Night - Homemade Bean soup with Homemade Vegetable Focaccia Bread, leftover coleslaw if any. Quick Chocolate Snacking Cake for dessert.

    Wednesday: Greek Chicken Cutlets, Greek Salad, lemony rice, possibly make pita bread

    Thursday: Second Vegetarian Night - Jamie Oliver's Lentil Sloppy Joes, tomato and cucumber slices.

    Friday: Jalapeno Jelly-Glazed Pork Chops, smashed potatoes, broccoli if on sale, otherwise sliced carrots. Homemade Butterscotch Pudding and Icebox Cookies.

    -If there's too many leftovers, then one of the menu days will be swapped out to use them up and that menu will be added to next week's rotation instead.

    Have a Great Week Folks!!

  3. With all you have going, I'm amazed you are able to even plan a menu. I have fallen so behind in that department, one of my part time jobs causes me to work some evenings and not get home til 9:30 or so. Husband has had to fend for himself sometimes, more than I'd like. Hopefully circumstances are going to change soon and I won't have to do that anymore. Hang in there and I hope your son gets straightened out with his meds soon.

  4. Everything has changed here. Dustin, (middle son) is home from his summer internship and has two weeks before starting back for his last semester. YAHOO! Unless the college scrambles his classes and changes his credit hours AGAIN (twice they have caused him to have take an extra semester) so we are praying, I mean REALLY PRAYING, Tennessee Tech won't drop the ball. Dustin should finish.
    I did not cook for him but told him he had to finish all the leftovers in the fridge so I could close the door. Since he has been cooking for himself this summer, (he can't cook) he was thrilled. So nice to have him home.
    Jeannie @

  5. I have been gone for quite a few days, so once I came home, I just pulled a bunch of meat from the freezer and started cooking! Yesterday, I made spaghetti and put some beans on to soak for chili. I'm hoping to go ahead and write out a menu plan for the rest of the month.

    Since I have lots of food on hand, especially since the garden is going crazy, I hope to buy only the bare essentials for the rest of August. I also have quite a few snack items left from the trip, so no one should need to suffer:)