Thursday, June 15, 2017

What's for Dinner: This Week's Menu

Sorry for the lack of monthly goal updates again this month.  It's just been really busy around here and I haven't gotten much of a chance to be online, or work on my monthly goals much, honestly.

Good thing that happened!  The compounding pharmacy called and said they thought they had found a solution that was actually edible and they were able to use a new ingredient in the mix so they could put in a water based flavor component, so I was able to pick up my son's new grape flavored medicine a few days ago.  And while the medication is still bitter (the pharmacist is going to try a few new things before we refill next month to see what he can do to tweak it a little bit to help with that) and my son gagged on it the first time we got it down him, he's doing a LOT better with it now and I can actually GET the medicine down him.  So woohoo for awesome pharmacists :). 

My son also started summer school this week.  Day one he was just doped as we still had him on the old meds and we upped his dosage a bit, which turned out to be just enough to make him tired all the time.  Day two he was the first day of the new meds and his moods were kind of up and down.  Today he had a good day, although his moods are still up and down around here, but it takes a while for the meds to build up in the system, so we'll see how he does after about a week.

And my husband started his new shift, so that's been an adjustment period for sure.

So, yeah, it's been busy.

When it comes to this week's I had all of these plans to get up early this week, get housework done, get menu planning figured out and everything, but the son didn't sleep, I didn't feel that great and with the new schedules and things to get used just didn't happen.  So, the menu plan this week is just kind of focusing on using things up that have been in the freezer or pantry for a while.

Like I made my own version of "Napoleons", a type of dessert that calls for layered puff pastry, but cutting up a half package of puff pastry into 16 rectangles, baking it so they were all nice and crusty and puffy.  I then took a container of whipped topping from the bowels of the freezer and grabbed a box of vanilla pudding from the pantry and folded the whipped topping into the made up vanilla pudding.  And I pulled out a jar of home made apple pie filling.  All this week, I've been separating little squares of puff pastry into three layers and sandwiching in the pudding/whipped topping and apple pie filling into the little puff pastries and we've had them for dessert or as a treat.  My husband LOVED it and it's been kind of a "gourmet" treat to send in with him to work.  Overall, for a recipe I just messed with off of the puff pastry box after I had randomly grabbed it as something I'd like to use out of the freezer...I thought that it turned out quite well :). 

I'm not sure if salads are in the cards this week, yet.  I should be able to start harvesting lettuce here within the next couple of weeks, though, even if it'll be in a limited amounts.  But, yay for lettuce :).

So, onto the menu for the rest of the week!
Wednesday:  Turkey noodle soup (using up rest of turkey left overs from Thanksgiving, egg noodles from pantry, dehydrated veggies from the pantry and turnips and celery from the freezer).

Thursday:  Hamburgers, corn chips (from pantry)

Friday:  Creamy basil chicken (use evaporated milk, basil from Aerogarden, dehydrated peppers), rice

Saturday:  BBQ ribs, baked beans, corn, mashed potatoes

Sunday:  Pork steaks, pan fried potatoes, fruit cocktail

Monday:  Ham and cheese croissants (haven't gotten to having these yet)

Tuesday:  Turkey rissoles, left over veggies (baked beans, corn, etc)

Breakfasts:  English muffins, blueberry muffins (to make), bran muffins (to make), eggs, cereal, oatmeal

Snacks:  Rose hip fruit leather (from freezer), apples, yogurt with jam, cheese sticks (cut cheese into sticks as needed), cheese crackers (to make)

Baking:  Bread (tomorrow is hopefully baking day), blueberry muffins, bran muffins, cheese crackers, sugar cookies (for Father's Day on Sunday...they are a huge favorite of my husband :).

So, there you are.  Our menu for the week.  How about you?  Making anything tasty lately?


  1. I hope the meds work out this time around. Just don't give up. It may take time, it WILL take time, but it should work out one of these days.

    I made a pork roast a couple of days ago. I just put it in the crock pot with home-canned salsa verde and cooked all day on low. It was perfect. We had pulled pork sandwiches with more bbq sauce added in. My husband's been taking in his lunch. We had leftover tea party food yesterday from the birthday party.

    For the bbq party on Saturday, we will bbq various meats and burgers, and serve with side dishes and soda pop. We will have home-fried sugar donuts, cooked on the spot. Yum!

  2. You make me tired with all that you do :) Where do you get your energy!? I made hamburger gravy over toast or rice, scalloped potatoes and ham. Chicken noodle soup :) Orange fudge cookies. That's all for this week :)

  3. Erika, what are the hours of your husband's new shift? Are the hours really different? You did great using up ingredients, and making a special dessert too!

    I'm still striving to cook more at home. I got everyone Subway last night, and thought I wasn't doing so well, but then I looked at my week. I'd cooked every other night! My meals haven't been anything exciting. I did make a cute birthday cake for my granddaughter. I think that used up all my creative energy in the kitchen.

    My garden is coming along slowly, but surely. I think I'll harvest the first cucumber tomorrow. Please do let us know how your son gets along with the new medicine. I surely hope for the best!

  4. How nice the pharmacy is for continuing to tinker. .. I would think many wouldn't care, so it's wonderful yours do!