Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What's For Dinner: This Week's Menu

I am fatigued (read that like Bugs Bunny and it just immediately makes you seriously try it).  The medication that the son is on right now (which I guess is like the Intuniv but just a immediate release med instead of an extended release one) is definitely working better than the last one did.  Downside?  His sleep patterns have officially gone to crap being on it.  I was up with him, wide awake and bright eyed and bushy tailed, until 3 am.  Night before that was one am.  It's going to be a long acclimating period when it comes to this medication and he's handling it better than I am energy-wise.

When it came to last week's menu I did actually pretty well following it (woohoo).  The only thing that differed from the original menu was that Saturday and Monday we ended up having left overs both days to use up some of the leftover tacos and things in the fridge, so I ended up not having to make a "new" dinner those couple of nights.

I also baked up a storm this last week.  I made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting (for my husband to take to work to replace his beloved morning miniature cinnamon roll he was buying from Cinnabon), bread (used 1/2 of the bread recipe for the cinnamon rolls and made one loaf of bread), cake for strawberry shortcake and chocolate frosted cake (for the son as that's the only way he'll eat cake) and home made soft pretzels (the leftovers after dinner last night seen up top).  The pretzels were for last night's dinner, which was a treat for my husband.  I don't make them often because making pretzels take multiple pans and dishes to make (small kitchen makes this a bit of a process), take a lot of time and effort and I always find myself kind of "eh, these are okay" after making them *laugh*.  I'd planned the dinner with sausages and pretzels since know...Octoberfest.  Yup, shows how on the ball I am on menu plans sometimes *laugh*.

So onto this week's menu!
Wednesday:  Chicken in Alfredo Sauce with rice and green beans

Thursday:  Chicken Teriyaki (from freezer), leftover rice fried up with some bouillon (just to make a flavored rice for a little something "different"), garlic peas

Friday:  Ham with kale (from freezer on both of those) and baked potatoes

Saturday:  Ham and cheese crepes (use leftover ham), salad

Sunday:  Chicken Caesar Salad (or Ranch if I don't have any Caesar salad dressing I can use to make it.  Grill chicken if possible for something fun).  Use leftover bread to make croutons (note to self).

Monday:  Pork Roast (pull some that has been cooked and frozen from freezer), potatoes au gratin, fruit cocktail

Tuesday:  Lamb chops, rice pilaf, broccoli in cheese sauce (from freezer)
Desserts:  Strawberry shortcake, cake with chocolate frosting, ice cream,

Snacks:  Apples, string cheese, sparkling juice, oranges, beef jerky, pretzels with cheese sauce (note:  Make cheese sauce), cantaloupe

Breakfasts:  English muffins (from freezer), cinnamon rolls, cereal

To Bake:  Date and nut muffins (didn't get these done last week), mini fruit pies (for husband's lunches next week for a treat), pound cake (because it's Mother's Day Sunday and mom should get what she wants for dessert darn it ;).


  1. Those pretzels look so good. Good luck with the new medication - I hope your son adjusts his sleep habits soon, more in keeping with the rest of the family so that you can get your rest also. I think you are an amazing person, dealing with all of the things that come your way. I enjoy reading your blog and there is always something of interest to me in addition to your many accomplishments. You are much stronger than I think you realize. Ranee (MN)