Monday, April 3, 2017

Monthly Goals: April, 2017

You know, I felt like I got like nothing accomplished on my goals for last month, but looking at the list I had I actually got a good portion of it done.  Which is impressive when I look at my cell phone for last month as pretty much every day with the exception of Spring Break (since I was busy with the kids that week) had appointments and stuff going on.  I'm actually kind of surprised and pleased that I got anything done last month considering the month we had.

First, the good news.  My husband heard from the airport today and Juneau okayed his position!!!  He's actually got another job interview for another job tomorrow through the state as well, so he's going to see if the second job can give him a better deal or not.  I'm glad the husband is finally realizing his worth.

Shani was actually in decent spirits when I visited her today as they might have found a research study in Texas for her to be in on with her cancer and so her treatment would be free.  The best part about it, though, is that it is a new type of cancer treatment that would bypass chemo, which would enable her to keep her strength up while they fought the cancer.  If nothing else, I'm really happy that she might get to avoid chemo.  She's got a terrible wound in her gut right now from the surgeries she had done, so hopefully that will heal enough for her to fly and pretty quickly as time isn't on her side with this cancer.

So far with the heroin treatment center situation, I've been on the news getting interviewed about it and my husband is hopefully going to get to speak at an assembly meeting tomorrow to see if we can get this thing shut down quick.  I'm hoping this just goes well, for a change, so please please if you have a moment send up a prayer for us.  I can't really afford to move and I sure don't want something like that next door to me...the entire situation is just making my husband and I ill.

My theme song this week has been, "It's Gonna Be OKAY" by the Piano Guys.  Got a moment, take a listen and get inspired.  The song has helped me out a lot lately...

It has kind of become my theme song.  It definitely speaks to my fighting spirit.

When it comes to goals this month, a lot of it depends.  On the weather.  On how the situation with the heroin treatment center goes, how the new job goes.  So, so many factors at work right now.  But, I'm still hoping to get some stuff done, so let's get to those goals shall we?

Goals for Month:

  • Organize seeds and start planning garden (I barely got them taken out and put into one box this week with everything that was going on...seen up top...but I still need to figure out EXACTLY what and where to plant...if we're not moving before property values is driving crazy right now).  Plant seeds that need to be started indoors (and pray cats are nice to them).
  • Finish chicken coop.  Pick up chickens and get them settled into new home (getting there on the coop...the husband has been distracted so it's been taking a while).
  • Walk property and assess damage from last big wind storm (we lost at least a couple of trees, so I want to make sure nothing scary could be on the verge of going down somewhere).
  •  Spring Clean.  Wash walls, windows, clean under beds thoroughly, vacuum mattresses and dust thoroughly.  No matter what happens with the drug treatment center, this needs to be done, so I'm hoping to focus on cleaning up and things as much as I can.
  • Take care of Shani as much as I can.  I cleaned her vehicles for her today, which allowed me to visit with her at the hospital.  It felt good to help her out and also was nice to visit with her.
  • Start embroidery projects (one of these days...)
  • Start to harvest lettuce from hydroponics garden (seen above in the beginning stages)
  • Continue to catch up on mending, especially of the comforters before they find a way to fall apart completely.
  • Get back on track with the menu plan, baking and more domestic things.  I've been so super busy it's amazing that I remember my head is attached lately, so I really need to work on the home helps me feel more grounded in turbulent situations, which is REALLY needed right now and benefits the entire family, which is a double benefit.
And there you are folks.  My hopeful goals for this month.  How about you?  Got anything you are up to this month?

Side Note:

I just wanted to share this link with you.

Shani's daughter is trying to raise money through GoFundMe so she can fly her and her kids to help with Shani's care.  You can find more information on that HERE.  If you can help, please do.  I would have given anything to have had a few more moments with my father before he went to the other side.  I'd like to at least give Shani's daughter that if the worst case scenario plays out, and if it doesn't Shani could certainly use the help and support.

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  1. It sounds like you are in one of those seasons of life where you might not get one set of goals done, as you focus on another. I'm glad you can help your friend, because, obviously, NOW is when she needs help, not another day, not later, or someday. You will never be sorry for the time you put into her right now, even if your list goes undone for another day. The walls will still be waiting for you, just a little dustier, when this season is past. And, that's ok. So, be sure to give yourself the time to rest when you can, even if a couple of other things are put on hold, 'cause, I'll bet the kids are still going to want dinner every. single. night. :) Hang in there.