Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

 Despite it being super busy, super chaotic and in some cases kind of depressing, I got stuff done this week!

One thing that happened was that we got word on the one job that my husband had an inside track on...he didn't get it.  They hired another guy who was older, had more experience and was certified as a boiler tech (which my husband is not).  So, that was depressing.

Yesterday my children were REALLY lucky that they are cute and that I love them as it was one of those days where they go to bed, finally, and you just think, "Right, let's hope tomorrow is better."  I spent all day fighting with my daughter about EVERYTHING, primarily cleaning her room, and her brother was a swath of destruction from the moment he got up until the moment he went to bed.  I had plans to bake yesterday and kind of a have a fun day.  Nope.  Ended up having to tear my son's bed apart after he had dumped an entire thing of milk all over it and while the waterproof cover was in the wash he dumped an entire can of soda on his mattress.  Oh yeah.  So, I ended up having to rip his bed completely apart to deep clean everything, dragged his mattress out to the living room and shampooed it with a combo of vinegar and water to get the soda out of it and disinfect it.  And then we had to drag a temporary mattress upstairs for my son to sleep on in the meantime while his mattress dried over the next couple of days (luckily it's sunny today, so we're making progress there).

While cleaning his mattress and bed I came to realize EXACTLY how bad of shape both his bed and mattress were in.  Basically he's managed to toast a mattress completely and it's not even a year old.  There are dips in the mattress that should not be there, you can hear broken bits of metal jingle in the mattress when you move it, etc and the race car bed frame (which is just pressure fitted heavy duty plastic) is starting to show some stress from all the years of bouncing on it.  It's time to get the son an adult bed that moves easily on a wheeled metal frame, preferably a memory foam mattress that he can't break springs in maybe, so I've been calling around today getting prices.  I'm not sure what we'll end up with, but I'm done with our current system as it's just NOT working and I can't imagine sleeping on that bed is even comfortable at this point.  So, more money to be spent.  BLAH!!!!!!

But, yeah, at least his mattress is nice and clean for the time being.

And we ended up with a son who toasted the back of my car with stomach issues as a result of his sinuses getting to him, so I got to shampoo that and clean up his car seat, wash his jacket and things as well and we took him to the doctor over the weekend to make sure he wasn't fighting a sinus infection (ran a low grade fever after the car incident).  So far the answer from the experts was no and he seems to be feeling better, so hopefully he's over the hump now.

So, onto what I've been up to on the more "normal side" since late last week!

I got my kitchen cleaned out and reclaimed a bunch of counter space.  I have a small bookcase over behind my deck door where I was keeping a few appliances (crock pots, Sodastream and rice cooker) and I decided to clean off the other "things" that I had on the shelf (like some flours) and move them to another location and then make the shelf into an out and out appliance holder.  So, my mixer and toaster got moved to the shelf and then I got rid of things I didn't need, stacked some baking containers up (love Tupperware at moments like this) and moved my silverware holder and phone to the top of my bread box on the microwave.  And voila!  I think I tripled my counter space doing that, which with how little counter space I HAVE, that speaks volumes.

Here's a shot before that I took a while back...

And here's the after...

I still have a few things I want to find a better system for (like my sponges and things that I use for dishes), but for the most part, I'm happy with things so far.

The floors got scrubbed as well.  My daughter can take credit for doing them the first time with me having to do a lot of touch up work when she was done (it was her first time using a mop instead of doing the floors with a scrub brush...she normally likes playing Cinderella with the scrub brush when she volunteers to do the floors, but this time she wanted to use the mop).  But, hey it got done.

The recliner in the bedroom got cleaned off as well and the multitudes of blankets and sheets that were stacked on it got put away (do NOT ask to see my closet, though, as I refuse on the grounds of it's hidden with the door shut so it's fine), which is a step in the right direction.  I would have taken a picture, but I have a TON of laundry that is in the process of getting folded around where the recliner is and I didn't want to have to stage a photo to take a picture of it.

I didn't get the cat carrier deep cleaned, but did get it cleaned up enough to put away in time to pull it out again for the cats follow up visits next week.

And I did get a nap in.  It was short, but it was a nap :).

Overall, for a change, I got pretty much everything I'd put on my goals list accomplished this week.  Booyah!!!

So, onto this week's goals.  I'm just going to lump them together for simplicity's sake since I have both kids home this week on Spring Break and this post has, thus far, taken me nearly three hours to write.

Goals for the Week!
  • Get some of the carpets shampooed.
  • Dust as much as I can find time for.
  • Clean windows (now that it's getting lighter the windows are bugging me)
  • Finish menu plan for the next couple of weeks (I'm behind)
  • Finish folding laundry and put it away in the proper locations
  • Try to rest arm as much as possible (between running the shampooer on the mattress yesterday, NOT EASY, and having to help my daughter clean her room, my arm is making the entire left side of my body hurt today...not fun)
  • Sketch out embroidery ideas (I'm determined to get SOMETHING accomplished in the way of embroidery projects here...it might have to wait till next week, but I'm hoping to get a few things accomplished this week)
  • Start quilt (new quilt idea I ran into that I'm going to start working on slowly but surely that uses fabric scraps but isn't time consuming...my kind of project)
And there you go folks.  My goals for the week.  How about you?  Up to anything?


  1. So sorry your hubs didn't get the job - but that just means that God has something better in mind!
    God bless.

  2. Your kitchen looks so inviting with the cleaned off counters and the sun shining! Are you available to come attack my kitchen? LOL!

    I echo Cheryl's sentiments - when man rejects, God protects.

    Not sure if you know the website Frugalwoods, but they reviewed their $279 Amazon mattress that they've had for five years. Here's the link: http://www.frugalwoods.com/2017/02/27/our-amazon-mattress-a-five-year-update/

    When you were describing all of the liquid spills, I was thinking yuck, what a mess to clean up. Kudos to you. Libby

    1. Amazon doesn't ship mattresses up here. I spent all morning looking. We're going to try local sources and if that doesn't work it's Wal-Mart.com. not free shipping, but they will ship a mattress up here for about 50.00. Reasonable anyway.

    2. We bought a memory foam mattress from Walmart almost ten years ago! Still sleeping on it well!

  3. Wow Erika! Your kitchen looks AWESOME! You have more than double the counter space we have - we have 11 ft 1in including the sink. That's it! I did buy a big cutting board to lay over the sink, which helped. Your kitchen looks so clean and organized! I'm a wee bit jealous. :)

    Too bad that Amazon doesn't ship up there. Do you have Sam's Club or Cost Co? I've heard they have great deals on Mattresses and they have days when you can just visit without paying the annual fee. I'd recommend IKEA but I don't know about shipping and I know you don't have one in-state. Best of luck looking!

    So awesome that you got so much accomplished in spite of everything going on.

    Have a wonderful rest of your week,

  4. We have bought several bed frames and headboards from walmart.com, and all have been cheap, look good, sturdy and lasting years. Maybe one of those, and some clever diy decorations on it can turn it into a racer bed again for your son.

    I am envious of your counters! I'm so messy. And being sick for so long, I have no energy or modivation it seems. Yet, family comes in 3 weeks, and the house is a disaster. And this is the sort if family that lives in a showroom looking mini mansion. Sigh.

    I did have one good thing happen. I finally found IT for that huge bare spot on our living room wall that looked all scuffed and blank going on 4 years now. And it was only $12. And it's perfect. So that made me happy.

  5. Your son really keeps you busy. This is not the first time I remember you talking about the way he has made big messes in his room and other places. I'm glad he isn't super sick this time, and is on the mend. Still, it's never easy to clean up after sick kids. Hang in there!

    I love how the kitchen looks. Moving those things should give you so much more space. I have a small kitchen now, too. It has been a bit difficult adjusting after such a large one before, but it's working well. I am keeping most appliances in the garage on shelves to keep the counters as bare as possible. But, things creep onto the counter. So, I have to constantly be after the clutter to remove it.

  6. Your kitchen looks fantastic now that you have rearranged and tidied things.
    And I am another person with hardly any bench space - less than half the bench space you have.

  7. Wow. Look at all that space :-) I am amazed you managed to achieve something with so much impact in addition to all the emergencies you had to deal with. Go you!

  8. Your kitchen really looks nice. With all you have to contend with, you can be pleased that it is so attractive.

  9. your kitchen looks beautiful. God bless you and your children - you are a wonderful mom! sorry about your husband not getting that job - I hope something even better is on the horizon.

  10. Soemtimes I wonder if I read blogs for the blog itself or for the comments from which you find out so many things and also learn how people in different parts of the country are living :) ... I just smiled reading Lea's comment that she "only" has 11 feet of counterspace ... In my NYC appartment I have 4 feet of counterspace and Ifeel so lucky because in my previous one I had half of that LOL ... family with 2 young kids :) on the very very tight budget :(

  11. Amazing kitchen transformation, Erika! It's so inviting, you might start to enjoy cooking in it. OK, so that may be pushing it...but it will make food prep so much easier with more room to move. Great job!

    Good luck with finding a new mattress at a good price. You might be surprised what the local shops offer for prices. Have you put the word out that you are looking and asking if anyone knows of a good place to try? It's always worth asking! Do you have a frame and headboard? Someone might have a spare they are not using, that could save you some money, too. Those old frames are pretty sturdy and usually last a long time. An old headboard could be painted to make it look a bit more updated if it's not in good condition. I have never had to buy a new frame or headboard because we always had hand-me-down ones in good condition given to us. They work just fine for what we need.

    My daughter is on break from school this week as well. I can so relate to the frustration. Although she needed the break to relax, I'll be glad when she goes back so I don't have to hear about how bored she is and the dreaded "I'm hungry" that usually goes with the boredom. Wishing you well on surviving the rest of the week with sanity still in tact!

  12. Sorry to hear about the job. Sorry you had a rough week. Your kitchen looks amazing though :).

  13. Have you ever considered a hospital mattress for him? The have a very heavy plastic cover so messes never get thru to the "stuffing" and it may hold up better to his abuse. Melissa V

  14. I'm also jealous of your counter space. I didn't measure, but I'm pretty sure it's all of about 4 feet. I can cook up a storm, though, when I put my mind to it. How are those rolling pins stored that I see peeking out of the window ledge? I have two in a very crowded drawer.
    Good luck with the bed situation. Beds never seem 'easy'.

    1. I have a marble rolling pin I got for 5.00 a long time ago and it comes with a little wooden stand. So I just put the pin with the stand on my itty bitty window ledge and then balance the other rolling pin on top :).

  15. Sorry about hubby's job. That had to be disappointing.

    I love your kitchen! I had to read everything three times to make sure I didn't miss anything. The first thing I noticed was the sun pouring into the window, so cheerful. Everything looks so organized and clean...I am so envious. Good job.