Thursday, February 2, 2017

Monthly Goals: February 2017

Want to listen to my theme song currently?  Warning if you are epileptic, don't watch it as the scenery does tend to move around a bit and I don't want to be responsible for some poor soul having a seizure.

The song is called, "Unwell" and is by the band "Matchbox 20".  I have a "Matchbox 20" t-shirt I bought at a concert of theirs from back in the late 90's I still wear to bed quite a bit.  And if I totally lost you there, I'm sorry.  I'm an old nerd who has followed Rob Thomas since he sang his first album (he's the lead singer) *laugh*.

Yeah, I don't like to consider myself crazy...just a bit "unwell"...well okay maybe just a bit crazy.  But, if you can't speak to yourself in public, how else can you amuse yourself or keep your grocery list straight?

What a week!  This has been a week of my son not all...and today he came home with a stuffed up nose and a cough and then he collapsed for a nap and just woke up.  Yeah, it's 6:30 here.  Not looking like I'm sleeping tonight either, but man I hope he at least feels better cold symptom-wise.  I wonder WHY he could have a cold???  Hmmm....gee could it be the two hours of sporadic sleep he's been insisting on at night?  Nah...I'll blame sun spots.

I ended up going back to the doctor for my left arm as it was so bad today that my arm from the elbow down was completely numb, while my shoulder was in a nice amount of pain, probably from having to crash up in the living room a lot to stop my son from bothering his dad who has been working from late afternoon till the wee early hours of the morning.  The doctor put me on prednisone for the next five days and some anti inflammatory drugs to see if we can get the flare ups under better control and hopefully help get my arm to start healing.  I have to say so far the drugs are getting to me and I'm not feeling great, but at least I have feeling back in my lower arm and hand after the first dose of prednisone this morning.  So, yay for that!

Pros for the week were getting taxes done and feeling good about the amount on the return as it'll allow me to get the another chunk of dental bills from the hubby paid off when it comes in and hopefully leave enough of a cushion in the bank so I'm not in a pure financial panic as soon as bills come due for the month.  I just pray that nothing really expensive comes down the pike to make the money go bye bye as seems to be the universe's trend.

So, the goals for last month were definitely hit or miss, but I got a bunch of things done anyway, so I'm going to call it "okay" on the getting things done front.

This month's goals...well are all over the place.  "Waiting impatiently for tax return so I can breath again" is definitely on the list as with how short this month  is for paychecks, the 700.00 in utility bills that I'm going to have to roll over from this week onto next week's paycheck due to the checks being small and such...I need the money in the bank before the first rolls over next month or I might have the breakdown they talk about in the video, but I will definitely know why *laugh*.

So, here we go!  This month's goals!

Sewing Goals:
  • Cut out, embroider and put together throw pillow for daughter's bed for her birthday (she wants a Pegasus, with flowers, on it.  Animals aren't really a strong suit of mine, so I'm praying this goes well).
  • Embroider more as a whole (I have all kinds of projects in the works and am hoping my arm will be up to doing them here this month).
  • Continue to work on making towels (since I didn't get to them yet this week) 
  • Make a few pot holders to replace ones that are shot/gotten too thin.

Organizing Goals:
  • Get den cleaned out from after Christmas cluttering up (I REALLY need to get the rest of the Christmas stuff into storage...between the cold and the snow I haven't really been up to it).
  • Work on master bedroom more.  Weed, weed weed!
  • Donate things to used stores as I go.

Cleaning Goals:
  • Clean out fridge.  Deep clean.
  • Shampoo more carpeting in house (preferably living room and daughter's room and then move downstairs to do down there all at once).
  • Clean and organize daughter's room better.

Other Goals:
  • Continue optimism that this year is going to be a great one (power of positive thinking!)
  • Start on future journal
  • Wait on word on daughter's insurance (hopefully I'll hear something soon...I refuse to make a step until I hear one way or the other this year though...I learned my lesson from last year all too well!)
  • Make some more make ahead types of items and put into freezer (I made a huge pot of chicken taco meat earlier this week and am going to portion it out and freeze it for enchiladas and things later, so I want to get a few more things like that made as I make them for the menu.  And I need more soup in the freezer too at some point).
  • Pay bills without panicking (hey, it could happen!).
How about you?  Have any goals for this month?


  1. Great goals, as usual. And I totally know that song! We must be roughly the same age. :)

    My goals (more weekly than monthly) are to work on my blog (try to figure out board Booster and convertkit), do some more deep cleaning (behind the fridge; I tackled behind the stove last weekend), and make up another batch of my grandmother's vla recipe and blog about it. I've made two batches already but...I ate them before I could photograph them. So, a third batch it is! :)

    Here's to a productive few weeks for both of us!

  2. Ive always liked that song!!

    This month I really need to get the upstairs ready for guests, but I am afraid its always something. I was going to work on it today, but my boss called and asked if I wanted a few extra hours, since the office doesn't have a doctor fridays, its just open for repirs or pick ups and phone calls and the regular woman wasn't able to come in. Since he let my 4 year old come, we are here for 3 hours. Then I had to bribe little man with lunch afterwards, then that only gives me enou th time to do dishes and maybe pick up the living room before getting the bigger one at school, but I didn't want to say no to extra hours! When I only get about 8 or so a week, an extra 3 is helpful. Especially if I can have my youngest with me.

  3. My goal this month is to not spend much at the grocery store-- but to eat out of the pantry and freezer. It's just hard for me to pass up coupon deals. However I am gradually getting better at this. I had to laugh about the talking to yourself in public. Geez, I do it all the time. It helps me function or make decisions. So what if I get stares-- I'll probably never see that person again. I'm here in Middle Georgia- when you said $700.00 utility bills-- I cringed for you. I'm sitting here in capris and sleeveless top as so far we have had a mild winter. The drawback to a mild winter is we need so many hours of cold temperatures to have a good peach crop--I don't think we have had enough yet. So fingers crossed we get enough cold weather. I enjoy following your blog. Good luck on getting the taxes done.

  4. It sounds like you have a great plan! Good luck on getting at least some of it done. I always figured if you make no plan, you will get nothing done. With a plan, you at least have some hope of getting something done, even if it doesn't all get done. I'm glad you are going to get a good refund. We don't know yet what ours will be since we are still gathering W-2's. Hopefully a good one, since we had 3 months of absolutely no earned income whatsoever. So, where we didn't pay in as much, hopefully, we will be in a lower tax bracket. It's worth wishing for, anyway.

    I am also trying to use up things in the freezer especially, to make room for the summer's bounty that I plan to grow. I need to order my seeds. I have a large gift certificate from Territorial that I got for Christmas, so plan to start there.