Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Shopping Goals: January 2017

Note to Self:  Really need to update picture of pantry for the shopping goals as wow has what I buy for groceries changed *laugh*.

I love my family, but sometimes I still want to dart gun them with some serious sedatives so I can get some sleep.  My husband, the natural night owl that he is, got his sleep patterns all kinds of screwed up being sick and has been going to bed well after midnight, thus keeping me up too (I can't blame him really as it's hard when you are getting over being as sick as he was) and then my son has been getting up about 1:00 am and is up till about six.  Thus, my plans of getting up decently early and getting things done gets shot with a big ol' cannon and my urge to do indecent things to family members rises *laugh*.  I'm praying that EVERYONE goes to bed at a decent hour the next couple of days and stays asleep as we have appointments to go to decently early in the morning so the children's want to sleep till ten isn't going to fly at all.

Anyway, when it comes to shopping goals this month...I actually have about forty items coming  from Amazon as a result of carefully making gift cards from my family members work for me this month with items all across the board from clothes, to vacuum parts and bags, to food items to a couple of books for my daughter and other things we've needed but I kept putting off getting.

Believe it or not, I do still have some items I'd love to get this month despite not having this thing called "disposable income" at the moment.  I can hope that maybe we'll have a decent month of income ahead of us, so I'm putting the goals out there anyway.  It actually all ties in with my yearly goals this year (I'll get finished with that post soon I hope) and I'm hoping I can get a few of the items on my list.  The way finances are looking right now, this is REALLY iffy, but we'll see how it goes.

Shopping Goals:  January 2017

Amazon.com (no affiliate links they are just links to the description of the product)

  • Laundry Washing Ball (I don't buy into switching the PH level in water, but I'm really thinking adding an extra agitating agent like this to the water would help to reduce the amount of laundry soap needed to get the clothes clean, thus might help my son's eczema some more by reducing allergens on his clothes.  And it'll save money by letting me reduce the amount of laundry soap needed per load, if not all together sometimes and hopefully eliminate the need for an extra rinse cycle on the clothes).
  • Bonsai trees  These are gifts for my brother for an important event in his life.  So, need to get, so I'm adding them *laugh*.  
Big maybes:
  • Miso Broth Powder I love miso when I'm sick, so I want to get some of this for various uses, including making miso soup.  Seems a much better deal then getting powdered miso at the stores.
  • Green Split Peas People are really impressed with these and how fresh they are.  Now that my husband is a big fan of Erbswurst, I would like to invest in some good split peas to use in later days.

Regular Stores:
  • Powdered sugar (after Christmas baking I'm running lower than I would like)
  • Dry Cat food (hoping for an awesome deal for a big bag of it as getting the little bags tends to nickel and dime me to death)
  • Children's Ibuprofen 
  • Chicken (if sales are good and we have money to stock up)
And yeah, that's about it for regular shopping goals as I'm trying to keep it simple right now with only a few "I'd like to get that" items.

And here are my big "work toward these wish list items" for this year (these are YEARLY goals, not a monthly one).  I decided to start a list like this for myself to work toward the items I would really like to get and/or need.  I tend to do better when I write things down, so I'm writing these down too.

2017 Shopping Goals/Wish List
  • Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest (LCD Control Panel) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Teal  I would love to have one of these to grow food through the winter until I can afford a proper heated greenhouse one day.  We just don't have the light through the winter naturally, so getting a kit like this is a "need" more than a "want" if I want to grow food during the winter and I like how it'll set up on a counter.
  • Gourmia GK200 1.8 Qt Cordless Electric Supreme Kettle - Speed Boil - Auto Shutoff Boil Detect - 1500 Watts (I use my microwave to boil water a lot and I love it, don't get me wrong, but it's also 10 years old now and I'm worried about working it too much.  The electric kettle is cheaper than a new microwave).
  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper (for the sake of my back and shoulder I need to invest in one of these at some point). 
  • Non-locking 12 inch, professional grade spring loaded tongs.  These things end up becoming an extension of my arm when I cook an awful lot, I use spring loaded tongs constantly and unfortunately like 4 out of 5 pairs of tongs I have are old, thrashed, and rusting out.  I really need to upgrade from the cheapy tongs from the store to better ones, so I have my eye on about three different brands on Amazon I'd love to get.  Unfortunately at about 14.00 a pop, replacing my beloved tongs is going to be a long, on-going process.
And there you are folks.  My shopping goals for this month.  How about you?  Got anything you need to get this month?


  1. You don't need expensive growing kit if you just want to grow some greens... Just google DIY grow lights, usually people are building shelves and hanging regular 4 feet shop light light this http://m.homedepot.com/p/Lithonia-Lighting-2-Light-White-T12-Fluorescent-Shop-Light-1233-SHOPLIGHT/203081577 ... I just hang it between 2 chairs and use it to grow things from seed for the garden but also some microgreens and lettuces ... I read you can grow radishes, carrots and even bish peas under these but of course you would need couple of them...

    1. Yeah, my biggest problem is that I don't have four feet of space anywhere to set up lights like that. My grandpa used to have tables set up in the basement with the four foot fixtures hung over the seedlings for months to get them started for Spring planting and I always thought it was so neat. Wish I had room to do it here, but it would just be a safety hazard with the cats and the son running around. I'd give it a day, tops, before dirt was everywhere and just an utter disaster. Thank you for the suggestion though as it might help someone else :).

      So anyway, I'm personally stuck with counter top model kids, which I've priced them out at local gardening stores and Amazon is definitely cheaper. So, I'm going with that for now. Hopefully at some point in coming years I'll be able to get a green house done *fingers crossed*, but at least this would be a start.

  2. Memory foam toppers are the best. You can even stack them to get your desired comfort. We've gotten ours in the past from overstock.com, the serta brand. They are the 2inch ones, and they ARE about $100 each, (we bought new ones when we moved, for 2 of the beds)but the quality of that one, it does last. Our old one was about 7 years, but as much as it weighted, wasnt worth bringing it when we moved when we paid by the pound.

    No matter what kind you get, I bet it will help. They are firmer in the cold til they warm up which stinks in the winter.