Monday, January 30, 2017

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

You know, with how hectic last week was, how depressing money has been and such...I'm really impressed with everything that I got done this last week.

I took out the terry cloth yardage I had around here to make kitchen towels.  This was one of those, "I'm going to make baby towels before the baby is born and it is going to be sooooo cute" types of purchases that I made when I was pregnant with my first.  And then the anemia kicked in and I quickly forgot that plan.  I kept thinking of things I was going to do with the terry material and since I needed kitchen towels it seemed like a good idea :).

I had some left on the end of the yardage after I cut the towels out and sizing it up quickly decided to make a quick bathroom mat for when the kids take a bath (seen above).

My son got a bad stomach bug a couple of years ago (he gets them bad when he gets them) and he ended up making a mess in the bathroom a couple of times on the mats I had in there.  After that my son developed a phobia of bath mats and won't tolerate any "semi permanent" bathmat to sit on the floor in the bathroom (I kid you not).  If I put an actual bath mat in front of the bathtub, my son regresses in his potty training and avoids the bathroom like the plague.  Poor kid.  So, I've been using a towel on the floor when the kids get out of the bath, but it's usually a bit big with a regular bath towel (small bathroom is an understatement).  So, I folded the terry material over to make a double width of fabric, sewed around the outside edge, leaving about a four inch opening one one side, turned the pouch right side out, sewed it shut and then quilted a quick "x" on it to keep the mat from getting all twisted up in the washing machine.  And voila!  A nice little mat for the kids to step out on :).
I only got two actual kitchen towels sewed up so far.  I got four more to go.  I found the width of the material wasn't big enough to get two big kitchen towels out of each row, so I made a bigger dishtowel and a smaller dishtowel out of each row.  I ended up with two different sizes, sure, but I'll also end up with six dishtowels once I get them all stitched up.  Not too shabby I'd say.

I got the chicken conversation done with my friends on Facebook (obviously from last post), got the housework nearly caught up (got a bit behind over the weekend with the kids home and we went sledding on Saturday in the backyard with some friends we had over and such), got my right arm back under control (yay!), and while I didn't get the menu plan done last week, we made it through the week without starving, so I had to do something right.  And my husband shoveled off the deck so I didn't have to (woohoo!), even with the new foot of snow we got over the weekend on top of what was already on the deck.

So, onto this week's goals!

Sewing Goals:
  • Finish sewing dish towels 
  • Fix holes in yellow comforter
  • See if white and black comforter can be salvaged (it's pretty thrashed)

General Goals:
  • Figure out Monthly Goals for February
  • Figure out shopping goals for February (if any)
  • Get W2 from husband's second employer and get taxes done (fingers crossed my husband finds time before I go crazy)
  • Rip apart knitting projects
  • Begin to plan daughter's birthday gift (ask her what she wants and then figure out how to make it)

And there you go folks.  My goals for the week.  How about you?  Got anything planned?


  1. Neat way to repurpose. Blessings this week.

  2. That certainly was a lot to accomplish amidst everything else!
    My goals this week are small (lots of eye difficulty):
    1. Freezer pack the cooked chicken--done
    2. Go thru DH's snacks n top of microwave and get rid of the out of date ones and give away the good ones he won't eat.
    3. Crochet some slip on handles for the cast iron skillet. (Evidently I need to re-learn how to crochet LOL)
    4. Inventory the outside freezer.

    All small but do-able I hope.

  3. The x on the bath mat was an awesome idea. Yesterday we found the downstairs ceiling wet, AGAIN. Luckily this time it wasnt anything leaking, but the kids had splashed too much in a weird corner and it leaked.

    We are all still feeling really bad. Its been tough. Hoping this week us rbetter