Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 1/17/17

Right, I AM working on getting the yearly goals post up, so hopefully that will be finalized and posted tomorrow (fingers crossed there as I've been busy).

So, in between working on the house, I managed to get the menu plan figured out for this week.  So, onto the menu plan!

Menu Plan for Week of 1/17/17
Monday Sloppy Joes (I rolled this over from last week as I had one night go sideways on me.  They actually turned out well and my daughter even ate them without complaint!).

Tuesday:  Pizza Night

Wednesday:  Leftover Sloppy Joes on home made bread (want to get them eaten since they were made with leftover meatloaf) with baked potatoes.  Dessert:  Sundae bar with two ingredient hot fudge sauce, strawberry preserves, golden syrup (from pantry), cherries (from pantry), and chopped up nuts (I'm thinking blue diamond almonds and some peanut free pecans).

Thursday:  One Pan Garlic Ranch Chicken and Veggies

Friday:  Pork Loin with Cabbage and Apples (use canned cabbage slaw and apples in fridge past their prime).   Dessert:  Grape Custard Dessert (might not be the exact name...it's from Alton Brown's new cookbook)...use canned grapes from pantry.

Saturday:   Picnic Chicken (recipe from "Fix-It and Forget-IT 5-Ingredient Favorites Slow Cooker Recipes"), potato salad (use frozen potatoes as base), freezer slaw (from freezer, obviously).

Sunday:  Leftovers 

And there you are folks.  My menu for this week.  How about you?


  1. I made ham, green beans and potatoes in the crock pot so that is dinner for tonight and probably another meal. Tomorrow is baked potatoes with leftover chili and broccoli, Friday ham green beans and potatoes leftovers. Saturday probably pasta with pesto sauce and chicken, I still need to figure the whole weekend out as I hope to cook everything Friday so I can spend most of my birthday weekend reading and relaxing with the family. My birthday is Thursday, tomorrow, and I am going yo one of my favorite places, the library!!! We have several libraries near us and we are gong to the reall big nice one tomorrow that is a bit farther away. Can't wait to stock up on some good reads and maybe a movie or two!!!

  2. Sounds yummy. Picnic Chicken sounds good. We are big sloppy Joe fans. I make my own. Well..I don't use a mix or can stuff. Do you?

    1. It's been so long since I've even thought to look for a can of Manwich...I don't even know if I'd know where to look *laugh*. I got into the habit of making that sort of stuff years ago when my son was diagnosed with a garlic allergy. This time I smashed up what was left of the meatloaf, threw in some diced onion and pepper (from the freezer), threw in leftover tomato sauce from the manicotti I made earlier, some ketchup, some spices and a couple of cans of beans (and some grated carrot...don't tell the daughter or hubby ;) and voila! Sloppy joes!

  3. With the boys gone and just Bill to feed, I have no idea what to cook or how to cook for just two people. All my pots are VATS that will hold large amounts. I really need to think this through.

  4. I made the easiest and most fantastic cheese tortellini spinich soup the other night, weve done pigs in a blanket, grilled cheese, diy pizza is Saturday, tomorrow is a chicken stir fry and tonight a frozen meatball skillet meals I got super cheap.

  5. Erika-What is picnic chicken?