Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shopping Goals: December 2016

This is one of those lists that took me a lot of thinking and redoing this month.  The biggest thing holding me back was money, of course.  After the really short month last month and medical bills and everything (of which I just got another in the mail *sigh*) money is pretty much non-existent.  I still have a few gifts to buy for my family back East too, so money gets even tighter.  But, I'm pretty sure if I'm careful we can make it through okay, even if we are off to a slow start monetarily this month.

So, when it comes to my shopping goals, there aren't going to be many of them.  Luckily I don't need much either, so that helps to cut the list back as well.

Regular Stores:
  • Butter (if sales are good)
  • Ham (hoping for a good sale as I want to get one for Christmas this year)
  • Chicken (hoping for a good 5.00 Friday sale when we have some money...yes we are FINALLY running low on chicken *laugh*)
  • Toilet Paper (they had a really good deal on toilet paper, so I'm going to buy it there instead of at our bulk store)
  • Doritos (snack sized bags):  These are already paid for via giftcard, so that is definitely a load off of my mind.  I got these to try portion moderation for the son unit and get him to hopefully be hungrier for real food as a result.
  • Coffee

 And that is about it when it comes to shopping goals.   How about you?  Hoping for good sales on anything this month?


  1. I'm going grocery shopping today. I usually go once a week to replenish fresh veggies and fruit. This week I need more chocolate chips for cookies, fruit, salad, OJ, and I plan to pick up my free ice cream with coupon from our local Giant. I like the portion control idea of the individual Dorito bags. Could you save the empty bags to refill in the future from a big bag since the bigger bags tend to be cheaper?

  2. I'm really interested to hear how the individual bags of Dorito's go - hopefully they go well!

    Our list is pretty short this month; also due to medical bills. We're at over $700 and counting this month for those. SIGH. I do have a few Christmas foods on the list - ground pork and a small amount of shrimp and scallops - but we can forgo the seafood if we need to (though we'll all be a bit bummed).

    Christmas gifts are bought - now I just need to get my rear in gear for making the ones I need to make! In the meantime finals week.

    Anyway, good job with the plans and let us know how the snack-size bags work!


    PS Love the couch makeover! You did a great job!

  3. It's probably too late for this year, but any chance you and your extended family can just agree to stop exchanging gifts? If everyone is struggling with tight money, it just seems more of a strain than a joy. Especially gifting to anyone 18+.