Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas 2016: A Princess Starla Cape

Every year I ask my daughter what she wants for Christmas.  Year before last it was a stuffed unicorn.  Last year it was a Elsa bear.  And this year it's a cape that she can wear to play Princess Starla.

Princess Starla, by the way, is a character from a cartoon from the 80's titled, "Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders".  If you have a daughter this cartoon has flying horses and unicorns, talking animals, princesses, enchanted gems and pretty much everything "little girl oriented" stuffed into one cartoon.  So, if you want to look it up on You've been warned *laugh*.

My husband introduced my daughter to the cartoon (he found it searching for girly things for her to watch) about a year ago and she LOVES between watching reruns of "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors", watching James Bond DVD's and other things.  My daughter...I really do love the wide variety of things she likes :).

Anyway, I watched an episode of the Jewel Riders to figure out said cape and found that Princess Starla just wears an ankle length pink cape, so I did the best I could using myself as a model (since my daughter is tiny for her age).  I sized it up to the back of my knees, hoping that would be about floor length for my daughter and then made sure to give room for shoulders in the collar tie, but also allow for it to be tied tight so it won't slip off of her (I hope).  I found a "jewel-like" fabric in my stores, lined it with some pink cotton from my material stash and basically sewed a big rectangle and then affixed some pink quilt binding to the middle of the rectangle to make a tie for said cape.  It's probably NOT how you are supposed to sew a cape, but it worked, especially since it'll be for dress up purposes.

Total Time to Make Gift:  About an hour and a half as I kept sizing up the collar ties to make sure they were even before I sewed it on.  And I quilted the top fabric to the lining of the cape as the shimmery material liked to slip and make weird poofs in the cape, so that took a few minutes too.

Total Cost to Make Gift:  Nothing.  The material was gifted to me and the quilt binding was left over from another project from years gone by.


  1. Great gift idea, Erika! It looks amazing too. I'm sure your daughter will LOVE playing make believe with that cape for years to come. Might even come in handy for a Halloween costume at some point, too!

  2. I'm sure she'll love it! You did a nice job.

    Thanks for sharing,