Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas 2016: Corn Husk Angel Ornaments

First, if you are wondering where my monthly goal update is this week...I decided not to do one.  Why?  Well, last week I worked on cleaning the house and making Christmas gifts.  That's it.  This week is going to be the same.  So, I really didn't see the point in posting that especially since all of these gift posts will tie in with the goals anyway.

Now some of you might remember the corn husk angels I made over the summer and put away for Christmas gifts.  This is how I finished them.  These are destined to go to my son's therapists at school (speech, occupational therapy and adaptive PE teacher) and my daughter's math teacher.

Two of the four angels kind of shrunk and looked odd in the skirt area (luckily the rest of the doll body turned out fine, it was just the skirts) once they'd dried and cured, so I took a few cotton doilies I had and wrapped them around the angels as a secondary skirt and tied them in place with some white thread (not that it matters since I ended up having to tie ribbon around their waists anyway, but ah well).  I then took some ribbon (I was hoping to find yellow to match the embroidery floss I used to make them, but I was out of yellow ribbon completely, so I ended up using a light green) and wrapped it around the angels arms and trunk a couple of times to make a mini-brace for them and then tied them in the back, made a loop over the top of the head and voila!  Corn husk angel ornaments.  I hope they like them *fingers crossed*.

Total Time to Make Gift:  About two hours total for all four ornaments as it took me a while to get the "corn husk doll making process" down.

Total Cost to Make Gift:  Nothing.  The corn husks were left over from husking corn (go figure), the embroidery floss I had and the doilies were gifted to me in I THINK one of my step-mom's pinata boxes.

If you want to make these now, since it's not exactly corn season anymore, head over to the Mexican food section of your local grocery store.  They sell the dried corn husks (which is actually what corn husk dolls normally call for when you make them) in big bags for Mexican cooking and from what I've seen they are pretty cheap :).


  1. I think they look awesome. How could you not like them?!

  2. Those look great! Are they too heavy to just hot glue the ribbon on for hanging? While I'm not sure I could ever be clever enough to make those, I did wonder about that.

  3. The doilies make the dolls look even better, I think! Nice.

  4. I loved these when you talked about them over summer and I still do. I just made one of these and I'm thrilled with how cute it is. I have had the yarn for years, so free! I'm going to look for other colors of yarn that I have and maybe make a few. I think it took 10 minutes, so it was quick too.

    1. Those are so cute! A couple of them are definitely getting put into stockings this year! Thanks for sharing =D.