Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

It has been a busy near week around here, so I apologize for this post being late again.  But, I did get a pretty good amount done on my list for this week, so yay for that!

I got the video shelves moved upstairs into the living room (seen above) with some much needed help from my husband and am slowly moving the videos from the stacks that are stacked all over the den to their new homes upstairs.  I also got a couple of Christmas gifts done this week (more on that later) and am hoping to work on some more in the next couple of days.  I got to work on the couch, although not as much as I would have liked (my goal is to finish that up tomorrow one way or the other). 

The Christmas gifts still aren't wrapped (which there is now an impressive pile going), but I did get the Christmas decorations out of storage and hauled into the den yesterday, which was an accomplishment because it is COLD here (like we reached a high of six today.  Woohoo).  I'm working on getting everything cleaned and organized before setting up the decorations this weekend, so I'm kind of burning the candle at both ends right now trying to get it all done. 

So, yeah, things are going to be busy around here!  So, onto the goals for this week!

Sewing Goals:
  • Work on Christmas gifts
  • Finish sewing arm onto couch and sew slip covers for cushions.

Cleaning Goals:
  • Clean.  Everything.  Yeah...that'll cover it *laugh*.
  • Change bedding on all the beds.
  • Finish moving videos to new home up in living room.

General Goals:
  • Wrap Christmas gifts that are done.
  • Set up Christmas decorations.  Put gifts under tree.
  • Start work on master bedroom closet (emptying it is the first step)
  • Pick up packages at post office (got that done today, thank goodness.  Lines this time of year are LONG up here, so I was able to get there right when they opened so I was second in line).
  • Put rest of turkey into freezer (did that tonight)

And there you are folks.  My goals for this week (I think...my kids were grumpy and screechy and gave me a migraine tonight, so thinking is at a bit of a premium right now).  How about you?  Up to anything interesting?


  1. As alway, there is much going on at your house. Good luck!! On our home front some of the stuff that is on the list: finish and submit all my son's forms to participate in the Pa. State Farm Show (done!!), submit son's photos to local photo contest (done!), finish and submit firms for 4-H rabbit show, work on my continuing ed credits for the year, decorate for Christmas, order Christmas gifts, switch son' art supplies from kitchen to newly created "art studio" in his bedroom, move electronics catchall basket from kitchen to a yet to be determined new location, make new chore list for son as he needs more age appropriate chores (code for he needs to be helping more on a daily basis, lol), and regular cooking and cleaning.

  2. Once again I went a little over on the groceries, but I am trying not to worry about it. We are having some of my family over on Saturday so I want a nice spread of foods for them.

    I finished my last scarf for Christmas, and I made a hat with a pom pom on it for my youngest, who totally doesn't like it because its not superhero, lol, and I knit a ball!! I was so excited. It was a bit of work, but I am going to make a bunch to give as gifts to my primary kids one random day next year but also as baby gifts with blankets and all for my cousin. I'm trying to figure out square blocks too. I saw it online but can't seem to understand the how to.

    Today my oldest does 2 performances of their holiday program, so I bought some take and bake sugar cookies with the tree in the middle as a surprise for him. Next week, is the prek program, and I will bake cookies for their cookie bar thats afterwards. There is also a school barnes and noble night, the theme is Christmas in the Woods. The librarian does such a good job, she always had about a half dozen free crqfts for the kids to make, and they just love it, so I look forward to going.

    I mailed one box to our texas family. It was $45. I stopped myself from hyperventilating but reminding myself it was christmas gifts for 8 people plus an additional 3 birthday gifts and some family gifts, so it worked out to around $4 a person. I've another big one to mail this week, plus three small ones next week.

    Our house is a disaster so tomoorrow I hope my youngest will let me get it all cleaned up before the guests Saturday. I cant see the kitchen counters, table or sink. Sigh.

    I hope your family is starting to feel a little less sick! Ive still got mine, but its better, just this cougb is driving me crazy. Hardly can sleep!!

  3. I hope it makes you feel better--We DON"T have most of our presents, yet. We do, however, have a plan--hopefully we will get to it soon.....