Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: Menu Plan for Week 10/31/16

Sorry for the lack of monthly goals update and all that, but in all honesty I didn't do anything last week, so I didn't see the point in posting failure :).

Luckily, I'm finally starting to feel human again.  Dealing with residual ear pain on and off, but it's getting better and since I'm only half way through the antibiotic course, I'm kind of hopeful that I'm on the mend here.

My son's hands are finally scabbed over, although there are a couple that are pretty thin in the scab department so we're keeping a close watch to make sure he doesn't reopen them.  If he does a band aid is immediately applied for a few days.  My son has actually found a liking for band aids on sores now and has discovered the relief and protection they can provide.  So much so that he got soap in his eyes during his bath a couple of nights ago and was trying to convince me to put a band aid on his eye *laugh*.

Halloween went alright overall.  Nothing really special happened this year between my arm, illnesses and just generally life being hectic.  I actually had to do a quick run into town yesterday just to get Halloween candy as I completely spaced it was Halloween until my daughter insisted on dressing up in her costume to go to school.  Not my proudest moment, but I got candy, both pumpkins lasted to be turned into jack o' lanterns for Halloween, my daughter got some trick-or-treating in (we let her go trick or treating for a few blocks and then we just go through the candy and sub out some candy we bought for anything that is dangerous to have around my son...it's enough to give her the fun, but not enough to really endanger my son with the peanuts) and the kids had a blast.  The snow even melted and it was decently warm out for the Halloween festivities, which is something I still have a hard time with when it happens as I'm so used to snow on Halloween now.  My son even got his usual Halloween french fries.  So, I would say that's a success in my book.

Anyway, now onto this week's menu.  I have a couple of recipes that I tried out that I want to share, but I'm going to hold that off for another time as we have to get out the door decently early today for my son's last long allergy shot visit (yay for this being the last one!), but don't worry I haven't forgotten about it :).

Menu Plan for Week of 10/31/16

Monday:  Lasagna (daughter's request...normally we only have lasagna at Christmas, but she insisted, so okay!), garlic toast, salad.

Tuesday:  Baked Chicken (trying out some of my new spice blends I got at Carrs a couple of weeks back.  We had the Caribbean Jerk blend on thin cut pork chops night before last and it was really good!), flavored rice,  salad (using up what is left of the lettuce before it goes bad).

Wednesday:  Stuffed Cabbage Roll Casserole  (this isn't actually the recipe I'm using as I'm using one I found in my free Taste of Home magazine this month, but it's KIND of similar).

Thursday:  Pancakes with Rose Hip Syrup, sausages, apple slices

Friday:  Leftovers

Saturday:  Hamburgers, oven fries with herbs, cole slaw (if I remember to get another cabbage at the store, if not another fruit/veggie)

Sunday:  Chicken noodle soup (the hamburgers are a bribe to make my husband not be too grumpy about having soup for dinner *laugh*).
To Bake:  Bread (if my whole grain flours even come in from Amazon...grumble),  whole grain blueberry muffins (for breakfast on the weekend)

Desserts:  Not sure really if we will have any this week.  Maybe sugar free jello, but with the candy we've already had, I'm not too worried about adding more sugar into the menu.


  1. On Tuesday you are "using up the salad before it goes bad". Surely that is not the salad you grew this past summer, is it?
    I saw that post and just had to ask.
    I am glad you and your son are starting to feel better. The last post just worried me so.

    1. No, I wish it was the lettuce I grew over the summer as it definitely tasted better, but I bought some romaine lettuce at the store a couple of weeks ago and am using that up before it goes bad.

      Sorry I haven't posted before now about an update on our health, but really this was the first day I woke up with ANY kind of energy, so I figured it was a good time to post an update. I remembered being miserable the one time I got strep as a kid, but my memories actually (for a change, sadly) didn't do the infection justice. I haven't been this flat out miserably sick in a long time. I'm really, really glad the antibiotics are working and I'm feeling better. I actually put on a load of laundry, got my son through his last shot, watered the chickens and am putting on a load of dishes and I don't have to take a nap! Life is good *laugh*.

  2. Add some caraway seed to the cabbage casserole - it makes it! We make something similar so often that I practically have it memorized. We serve it over rice.

    1. Ooooo!!! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely do that!

  3. I laughed at your hamburger bribe to convince your husband to eat soup for dinner. My daughter has decided that she only likes cream soups. The last time I made vegetable beef barley soup, I made it like I do for cream soups only with beef broth...wasn't too bad, kind of like creamy gravy. Everybody ate it and some had seconds, so it must have been good!

    1. That's funny. My son will not eat cream soups or vegetable soup. What's up with that!! I just made a big pot of chicken corn rivel soup. We had that, salad and bread for supper last night.