Monday, November 7, 2016

Christmas 2016: A Book, Some Sachets and a Lap Quilt (Oh My)!

Right now one of these gifts is going to be kind of a recap since I finished it earlier, but I kind of wanted to put it into one of these posts just to keep all the gifts together (as it were).

I'm feeling good about the couple of gifts I got done this week though, so let's recap the book first!

Gift One:  A Panel Project Book

This book I'm still undecided who I'm going to give to yet, either a young member of the family or my son will receive it for Christmas.
This was a panel project I bought for .50 at a yard sale ages ago and finally took out and finished.  I used some spare fleece scraps I had around the house and some actual batting for the batting in the book and used thread I already had on hand to complete it.

Total time to complete project:  About an hour and a half (I'm paranoid about getting my centers somewhat lined up or I would have been done quicker).

Total Cost to Make Gift:  I'll go with .50 for the panel since that's what I spent originally.

Gift Two:  Lavender Sachets

Next up is a gift for my sister-in-law.  About three years ago I thought I would try my hand at growing lavender in the herb garden.  I bought a fully grown plant to plant around the house and it was a good thing I did too because it never grew much at all that summer and I ended up harvesting what lavender there was and drying it.  I put said lavender in an air tight storage container and put it aside to use later.  I finally ran into said lavender and decided that it would be nice to make some sachets out of it for my sister-in-law.  Since she uses essential oils at her house I figure that the sachets might be appreciated to stick in between folded blankets or sheets to give them a nice fragrance.

Having been in air tight storage all this time the lavender remained nice and strong smelling, so I was happy with the final results.

The fabric I used was gifted to me and I just thought it was so pretty.  I don't really have enough of it to make like clothing out of, but I'm hoping to use it to make some pretty things with anyway.  Like the sachets :).

Total Cost to Make Gift:  Nothing.

Total Time to Make Gift:  About two hours between funneling in the lavender into the sachets and sewing them closed and things.
Gift Three:  Horse Lap Quilt

And finally up in this post is a gift I finished today for my daughter.  A lap quilt.

First, I confess I suck at quilting.  I normally do not have the patience to do it, really don't see putting in tons of hard work into a quilt because I believe they should be used and things and my pragmatic side just doesn't see the point in making something that you are going to use every day into a work of art (weird considering the amount of work I'll put into say embroidery, but I never said I made sense ;).  I do appreciate work others do though for sure on the quilting front, though, don't get me wrong.  So, this, by far is the most complex quilt I've ever made in my life.

I found a kit someone had cut out all the pieces to at a yard sale years, and I mean YEARS ago (like six at least) and I picked it up as it was .25 for all the pieces.  All the kit came with was cut out blocks and a paper pattern showing you the basics of how it should look when finished shoved unceremoniously into a plastic bag.  Projects like this scare me as geometry and me?  We don't get along (at all). But, I don't shirk from a challenge easily, so I was determined to see the project through.  Thus a long journey of me doing a little section here and there throughout the years followed with a lot of seam ripping involved as I'd line things up wrong and things.  This week I FINALLY attached the last three rows to the quilt and finished the sucker!

With the horses on the quilt I KNOW it will be a hit with the daughter unit as she is into all things animal related anymore.  She's constantly dragging her blanket out into the living room when she's cold, too, so I'm hoping the lap quilt will take the place of a giant sized twin comforter or quilt for keeping her legs warm while watching TV.

And hey, the diamond pattern is only slightly off kilter, so at least I didn't screw it up too badly.  I feel pretty good about that *laugh*.

The pink quilt binding was kind of a punt as that was the only quilt binding I had around here in any type of volume (read:  More than one container of it) and since it was for my daughter I figured pink would work.  I would have preferred blue, green, brown or black, but sometimes you just do what you can afford to do.

Total Cost to Make Gift:  Nothing in the current time.  The material for the backing was given to me  and the batting was left over from previous projects.  I did use up the rest of my quilt basting spray doing this project, though and had to switch to basting pins, which I suck at, so there are some faults in there that will drive me a bit batty over time.

Total Time to Make Gift:  I have no idea on how much time I've spent over the last however many years working on this on and off, but for the final "leg" I spent an hour yesterday getting the last of the top lined up where I wanted it and about two hours getting everything finished up today, so I'm going to call it three hours.

And there you go folks.  Some of the things I got done this week on the gift giving front so far.  How about you?  Working on anything?


  1. Oh, I love the quilt! The pink binding sets it off perfectly - your daughter will love it.
    The sachet material is so pretty and that is a great way to use up small bits of fabric.
    Your quilt story made me feel better about the doll I've been making from a sock for my youngest granddaughter for, oh, about 3 years now!

  2. The quilt is beautiful. I know you feel great now that you finished it.

  3. Wonderful gifts!! My son won a craft quilting kit in a raffle last weekend. You can make potholders, a, pillow, a bag or sachets with it. He started cutting it out yesterday. Not sure what he will make but as he loves crafts, art. And sewing in sure he will have fun!!

  4. Love the quilt you made for your daughter, Erika! I think the pink binding goes beautifully with the other colours. Your daughter won't care about all the mistakes. In fact, I bet she won't even notice them! She's going to LOVE this gift!

    The sachets are such a nice gift as well. It's the kind of "luxury" gift we never make for ourselves, but so appreciated when you receive it from someone else. Great job!

    Of course, I've already seen the cute panel book, but it's still just as lovely. You are always so good at putting together such wonderful gifts for your family. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, way to go! I stink at quilting, too. I don't dare take a quilting project out of the bag unless my sister is around to help. One time I had to make just one square for a group project, and my husband had to help me put it together.

    You rock!!

  6. Beautiful, Erika! The sachets are lovely and the book is adorable! The quilt came out wonderful- I just love it and I'm sure your daughter will also! I really like the pink binding on it- it really make the whole quilt stand out! You are very inspiring. :)

  7. Awesome! You can also take lavender and rice swen in a pouch for aromatherapy heat packs! My sons 1st grade teacher helped the kids do that one year

  8. Great gifts, and I really do love that quilt! Your family is lucky!

  9. Beautiful quilt Erika! Love the other gifts too!

  10. Great job on the book and sachets, Erika--and the quilt is beautiful! The pink binding is perfect--it looks lovely. I predict your daughter will love it, and will treasure it, I'm sure (there's nothing like a handmade quilt or blanket to wrap up in a virtual hug from the person who made it 🙂!).
    I still have a twin-sized quilt my great grandmother made for me when I was 13 - 14; it's too worn to use any longer (I'm pushing--ahem--60, it's been around, lol), but it has pride of place on the landing rail in my home.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!


  11. I love your beautiful homemade gifts!! You are definitely talented! As my kids would say "I call the sachets!" They are beautiful and I love lavender. It's my favorite oil so I'm sure your sister-in-law will love it! And the quilt is lovely. I would love to get into quilt making. I have admired them for years. Kudos to you!

  12. Your handmade gifts are wonderful. The horse quilt is so nice and I love the art work in the fabric book ❤️