Monday, September 19, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Looking at my monthly goals list I'm actually quite proud of myself as I've gotten a LOT of it done and I still have about ten days left in the month.  Woohoo!

So, the last two weeks have seen us celebrate my son's birthday, go to fall festival (both worked out fabulously of which I'm very happy) and I got my peas cut off and disposed of and the garden worked as much as it's going to be until Spring.  I have finished, not just three, but four Christmas gifts so far this month (double woohoo!) and have more in the works (mainly ideas at this point, but getting to fruition :).

I deep cleaned the baseboard heaters and we've actually had to fire them up more than once the last little bit, which is early (and sad), but sometimes that's just the way it is.  I've been slowly getting caught up on housework as well and hope to sometime soon be able to once again live by a cleaning schedule and keep the house kept up.  My arm is slowly but surely getting better.  I froze the last of the peas from the garden, but only after munching happily on them for over a week and using them in several dishes for dinner as well.

I tried to dehydrate the russet potatoes I'd gotten really cheap, only to find when I cut them open that while they looked fine on the outside that they were actually rotten inside.  I was not a happy camper.  I managed to get enough good potatoes out of the bag to make mashed potatoes night before last and that was it.  Lesson learned.  Stick with locally sourced potatoes.

So, onto this week's goals!

Miscellaneous Goals (I'm just kind of lumping everything together this week as I'm tired).
  • Mull and can apple cider.
  • Get oil changed on car (we're way overdo).
  • Get physical done (I haven't had one in...well let's just say I'm wayyyyy overdo for one so I'm taking advantage of the insurance to get some maintenance done cheap).
  • Work on Christmas gifts
  • Start to deep clean rooms, scrub walls and get ready to shampoo carpets later (this is going to be a SLOW process to keep my arm from getting overworked, but it needs to be done badly).
  • Dig out fall and Halloween decorations before daughter drives me crazy and prepare to put those up.
  • Spend as little on groceries as possible to save money for bills in the coming weeks (we should be fine as we're good and stocked up on a bunch now, but still is good to write it down).
  • Once cider is mulled and canned, put up canner and canning supplies up for winter.
  • Organize hallway closet better and try to figure out something to store towels and other bathroom items in that we can actually PUT in the bathrooms instead of having things scattered to the four winds.
And there you are folks.  My goals for this week.  How about you?


  1. I actually have goals this week! I usually fly by the seat of my pants, but I happen to have some things I'm working on that need to be done.

    First, I am working on an embroidered pillow for a birthday gift. My daughter will be going to the sleep over party this Saturday and I just started doing it yesterday. I'm working as fast as I can to get it done in time.

    If I have extra time this week, once the embroidery is done, I will work on more canning. I made 4 pint jars and 7 half-pint jars of crabapple jelly yesterday morning. It turned out amazing, especially since this was my first time making jelly of any sort. So pleased with my accomplishment. Anyways, I have a lot of fruit that needs to be removed from the freezer and made into jam. It's taking up to much precious space.

    My daughter has a Dr's appointment today for another wart removal treatment. Hoping this is the last one. On Thursday and Friday night, I have to perform in the play at work. It's our last 2 shows this week.

    I have other things that need accomplishing, but I highly doubt it will happen this week. Hope you are able to accomplish your list this week, Erika!

    1. Congrats on your jelly!!! I bet its awesome tasting, and pretty looking too! I have too much fruit taking freezer space too, I should really jam up mine!!

  2. Sounds like you had a good week!! I have so many goals, its a goal just to do some LOL!!

    This week, need to list items for the huge consignment sale in a few weeks. I'm pretty sure I am about 75 things away from my 200 limit, so I need to find more, since its a flat fee for registering ($10) and of course, the more you have the better chance of selling! Consigners get to shop an hour earlier than non consigners, which is my mail wanting to do this. While I have loads of boxes of stuff good enough for a yard sale, not good enou ch for this, so I need to dig deep!

    Also, a goal is to get the guest room clean, i never got to it, and its overrun, and I need the spce for Christmas because right now its all in our room, and overflowing, and I'm sure my husband isn't thrilled. His family is just so HUGE though, if I don't start way early, its too hard financally and time wise.

    Another goal is to thin down the toys in the living room and start moving half of the toys upstairs.

    I did get my hallowee. Up last week. I realized last night, being the only girl in the house, its a little sad because no one would care one way or another if I decorated, same with at Christmas, but I figure I should do it for myself, if no one else. :) I put a little food coloring in the soap dispencer in the downstairs bathroom and it makes me smile to see the orange soap, with a pumpkin sitting nearby, so its making someone happy!!

    1. Food colouring in the soap to make it seasonal -- what a great idea! It would make me smile too!

  3. My main goals for this week are processing the 30 lbs of root vegetables I bought, as well as the 5 kgs of peaches. I've already chopped up 10 lbs of onions and frozen the majority of them (and used some to make a braised onion pasta, a James Beard recipe), and tomorrow (inspired by Rhonda), I plan to chop, blanch, and freeze 10 lbs of carrots (or at least half. I may keep half unfrozen). And then I want to turn my 10 lbs of beets into pickled beets, and can them. Plus turn my 5 kg of peaches into jam. I think that will keep me busy for the next few evenings after work!

  4. To Rhonda and approaching food,
    I have never frozen carrots before but I have a bunch. Do they come out mushy? Do they taste better than canned? Thanks, Lynn

  5. I'm part way through my goals for the week. I chopped and froze extra veggies, sold a rabbit cage that no longer worked for us, helped son clean other rabbit cages, organized "Tupperware" cupboard, made muffins and baked donuts, put together a "school supply" box for my son to keep at my work as he is now homeschooled (he has his own "office" at my work), signed son up for some homeschool field trips as well as programs at the library, put the area rug back in the living room (we take it up during the summer), tried a new crock pot recipe (good but needs tweaking), and it's only Wednesday!!! Also spent time mopping up the upstairs bathroom after son broke the toilet tank and water spewed everywhere. Fortunately we have a powder room downstairs so that is a plus! Today is work, then not sure what as son lost the privilege of a field trip for breaking the toilet when he was angry (he has mild autism/Aspergers and is working on controlling himself when he gets upset. For the most part he does well but bed time can be hard as he is tired, doesn't have any reserves left and his meds have worn off). We plan to decorate for fall/Halloween this week. It feels so wrong when the temp is in the 80's!!!!