Friday, September 23, 2016

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Weekly Recap

Well, it's been an eventful week.   A silver lining type of week, really.

For instance, Tuesday night my arm seized up worse than it ever had before and it was so weak the next day and hurting I went back to the doctors worried I'd done something really bad this time.  Since my normal doctor was out that day, I saw another doctor, which ended up being a blessing in disguise.  He examined me and came to the same diagnosis as my doctor, but suspected that I also had what is called "frozen shoulder syndrome".  Basically it's when all the tissues in your shoulder just kind of seize up and don't want to move and he really felt bad for me as recovering from it is usually long and painful and with lots of physical therapy.  I looked him straight in the eye and said, "I don't mind pain and hard work.  I can do that.  The lack of mobility I can't tolerate though."  And I meant it.  So I went home on his recommendation and looked up "frozen shoulder syndrome".  When I saw what it was and what causes it (in most cases they have no idea) and that basically you go to physical therapy to try and get mobility back as much as you can in your shoulder, but the only surgery available to treat it is they basically knock you out and then make your shoulder move and just deal with the damage involved.  So, I was like, "Okay, so basically move it a lot.  Got it."  I then looked up stretches to do for frozen shoulder syndrome, which were completely different then the bicep tendonitis stretches and started doing those.  It hurt, but it is working.  Really really well.  Like 48 hours later and I have about 85% of the mobility back in my arm and am able to sleep at night (as much as I get to sleep anyway *laugh*) again type of well.  So, so glad I spent the money to go back to the doctor, even if we really couldn't afford it.

Then, my son ended up with a stomach issue yesterday and had to stay home.  I'm not really sure if he had a stomach bug or if there was just something on his stomach that didn't agree with him, but after he finally got that out of him he did fine.  The best part was when he was feeling better and grabbed his talker and asked for a ride (in my husband's car, which wasn't going to happen, but still asking for a ride is good), coke and he wanted his sister (which I think he wanted to just be done with chores for the day).  Since my husband wasn't going to be able to pick up my daughter and I still wasn't sure of the state of my son's stomach, I ran while I knew he was feeling good and got him coke at a nearby drive thru and then ran and got his sister from school a little bit early.  It was really thrilling for me, though, as that's the first time he's expressed more than one want at a time since he started on LAMP.  So, once again, a definite silver lining to an otherwise worrisome day :).

So, let's get on with the rest of my money saving adventures this week!

1.  I went shopping today and while I spent 100.00 on groceries, I did it with good purpose.  Carrs has some awesome sales this week on things I wanted to get for the pantry and such.  For instance, they have Lindsay olives on sale (at least at the Carrs I shop at) for 1.00 per can, so I bought 8 as that is cheaper, by far than buying them at the bulk store right now (and we were out).  And they had cream of mushroom soup on sale for .75 a can, so I got 12 cans (it is going for 1.99 a can anymore and, once again, we were out of it).  And they have an E-Coupon you can load this week that you can get Lucerne ice cream for 1.49 per not-quite-a-half-gallon (since product shrinkage), maximum of two.  They also have butter on sale for 2.99 per lb (limit of 2 on the coupon), eggs for 1.25 for a dozen (I got a dozen with plans to make chicken salad this weekend for lunches) with a coupon and pasta for .75 per box (no coupon needed for that).  And they had decent sized bottles of olive oil for 5.00 as part of 5.00 Friday today, so I got one more bottle to help pad out my stores.  While there I got my free Starbucks Refresher with my coupon (seen above).  The passion fruit flavor was the only type they had left and I have to admit I didn't really like it.  I did drink it though.  Free is free ;).

I ran to Fred Meyer but wasn't able to find the right size of Swedish Fish that was on Freebie Friday today (blah) or my other freebie I had there, but I did get some cheap Velveeta with a paper coupon that I got from the fliers my friend sent me and an E-Coupon I had loaded onto my card for 1.00 off the Velveeta mini-cubes.  Normally it would be more pricey than buying a block of Velveeta, but it is on sale and after the coupons it was a lot cheaper than buying a block of Velveeta per oz.  I like to have it around to melt over frozen veggies during the wintertime or to make baked mac and cheese so I was thrilled to get it in nice wrapped blocks too as we don't really go through much at a sitting so it'll help stop it from drying out on me :).

I was also able to get some clearance imported green olives for 1.69 for a jar.  Since my son loves the garlic stuffed olives, I thought maybe to try him on those and see what he thinks of them. 

Really I thought I did pretty good on shopping.  Yes, I didn't stick with the "don't spend money" rule that I was hoping for, but I filled up the pantry with more food and that, to me, is definitely worth the additional investment and I'll catch up with saving money on groceries later on (like next week is going to be super tight with the mortgage getting paid, so week is going to be sparse for groceries).

2.  Dividend amounts for the PFD came out today.  Sure enough, I'm glad I was planning on a really reduced amount for them thanks to our razam frazam governor and his fiscal plan to wreck our state.  At least I budgeted it out carefully so one chunk of dental bills (due in December or penalties ensue) and hopefully winter tires for my car will be paid out of what we get.  Here's hoping anyway (if not I'll at least be close).

3.  I made meals at home as much as I could this week.  Unfortunately due to my doctor visit we did have to eat out at least once since my appointment was late and then the doctor was running late so it took forever to get in and it was way past dinner time by the time I got done, but overall I did pretty good all things considered this week.

4.  I got the oil changed on my car this week.  We have life time oil changes on the vehicle.  Since paying off the car a couple of years ago the lifetime oil changes have definitely been nice to have.  While there I took advantage of free coffee and sat and relaxed while my oil was changed (they have a nice waiting area with really good coffee since I get the oil changed at the dealership *laugh*).

5.  I mended...well rebuilt of my son's shoes with shoe goo this week.  One of the seams on the outside of the sneakers was faulty and just went on both shoes, so I fixed it so the shoe wouldn't come completely apart.  Shoe Goo has saved me so much money over the years.  Wonderful invention!

6.  I mended a hole in my daughter's shirt this week.

7,  I've been watching some of my favorite programs on You Tube this week.  I don't think having good internet bandwidth restrictions is ever going to get old for me *laugh*.

8.  I worked on Christmas gifts on and off this week and hope to have one more done by the weekend is over.  Here's hoping anyway :).

9.  I inadvertently saved money on paper towels this week.  When I ran out upstairs, I just plain kept forgetting to haul more upstairs.  This led to more of a use of cloth napkins, me using dish towels for slop rags a lot more (my husband and daughter tend to spill a lot) and basically saved money just because of my absentmindedness.  So, yay for being distracted ;).

And there you are folks.  Some of my frugal adventures this week.  How did you do?


  1. You did really well! I am thrilled for you that your son is asking for several things at a time...that is great! I just posted my list of frugal doings for the week on my blog. We were really blessed because we spent part of the week with my parents at their lake home and they spoiled us rotten. :)

  2. I was so happy to read about your son. That's quite a milestone I'm sure. And that the doctor you saw was "a man with a plan", that's working and so quickly.

    The garden is finally winding down. I'm going to miss it but am already planning next summer. The only thing left storagewise is to get some #2 apples which will be dehydrated and perhaps some cobblers and pies will come out of them. Shopping wise, I did a two week shop this week and also added to my stores. Cauliflower is down and I made my own cauli-rice for the freezer, all winter squashes were on sale for 79cents a pound, which is a great deal since they're usually $1.49 a pound any other time and more in the winter. I got enough to bake and freeze for later use. I also got what's called a "crook necked" pumpkin to roast and freeze for pumpkin pies. No meat, as I had just been to the huge meat sale earlier this month. Whole roasting chickens were back up to $1.49 a pound and I'm so glad I got some for 99 cents a pound during the meat sale. All dinners were eaten at home except for one as like you, doctor's appointment ran late. Dorothy

  3. I am so sorry you are in so much pain with your shoulder. I hope those exercises help so that in a few weeks, its a distant memory.

    This week I spent all of the grocery money and a little over even though I didn't mean to. Everyone just kept having big clearances on things that I could give as gifts, or needed, or had been wanting. The food part I didn't stock up on much really, and nothing too exciting deal wise though I gave in and have been the ibotta app. Since they seem to rebate you 50 cents a week cor any milk purchase, 50 cents any bread purchase and 50 cents for any eggs, Ive been tryin g it out. They have also been doing 50 cents on bananas, and 25 cents on onions, so I bought one onion (because we are overloaded still) for 31 cents and got my 25 cents cRedited. I actually have $21 just after 3 weeks, mostly thanks to the $10 welcome bonus but that will be nice. Instead of a birthday party, we are going to take my oldest to a movie in October or November.

    Thats it here. Everyone is once again getting sick. I can hardly beleive it. Its been awful, never had it like this before.

  4. Oh goodness, I started to tear up as I read about your son and his asking! Hurray! So exciting! I hope your shoulder heals quickly. My Mom had a frozen hip (similar to frozen shoulder) years ago and, boy, was it a pain to get through - literally and figuratively both. We'll keep up the prayers!

    Great job on the groceries! Having all those things on hand sure makes it easier for keeping the budget tighter later. We went over last week but now we have enough to definitely get us through until John gets paid in about a week! WHOOT!

    Can't wait to see the Christmas presents you're working on!

  5. It's amazing what happens when your child starts to mature. I've noticed the same thing happens to my daughter. Just when I think she is stuck on development, suddenly she just starts to get it and the magic of maturity takes hold. I'm glad your son is learning to communicate better. He's still young, but I assure you it will continue to develop as he gets older. Maybe not like everyone else, but on his own terms and in his own time.

    Well, I did pretty well for meals this week. I made some homemade dinners we haven't had for a while, like homemade pizza and a frozen homemade turkey pot pie. I also made homemade beef barley soup from some of the leftover roast beef I put in the freezer and made a batch of buttermilk dinner rolls to go with it, using up some of the free buttermilk I received from my work. We have tons of leftovers, that I hope I can convince my family to eat up this week.

    I also made 4 pints and 7 half pints of crabapple jelly from crabapples I was given for free. I also made a batch of pumpkin bran muffins from some of the frozen pumpkin from 2014, and the free bran and buttermilk I was given from work. I'd say it was cheap food week, this week at our house!

    My daughter is going to a Birthday sleep over this weekend. I managed to make an embroidered pillow for the gift in 3 days. No small feat! She's very excited to go and we're just as excited she was invited!

    I hope you have another great week, Erika. Hope the shoulder feels better soon, too!

    1. I forgot to mention that I also brought home 2 tomatoes from the gardens at my work. There were several that were almost ripe and if I hadn't have picked them, they would have just rotted on the vines. I hate watching this food go to waste! A couple other people also took some home as well. Sharing the wealth!

      Then today, my MIL gifted us a bag of apples. She said that a lady she knows gave her the apples, but she wouldn't use all of them fast enough before they went bad. So she gave some to us! It works out perfect as we haven't gone to get apples yet, and can use these for my daughter's lunches until then. We're really in a free food win-fall lately! I'm very grateful for the gifts.

  6. found your blog and have been reading through it. love the way you plan, save, and make do. from reading about your shoulder problems thought that you had frozen shoulder as i've had it myself. physical therapy and use is truly the way to get better. thanks for sharing on your blog. you're talented and inspiring. made me want to get up and get things done more than once.

  7. My mom is currently recovering from frozen shoulder. Chiropractic has helped. They thought she had osteo-arthritis so she was relieved. The pain seems unbearable though although my mom is tough as nails. Sounds like you are as well. Hope you find relief soon.