Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: This Week's Menu

Well, with dad being out of town this week it's just me and the kiddos to worry about when it comes to food.  Then, as I was digging through the pantry I found some things that needed to be used up, so it's recipe experimentation week in some cases and in others I'm sticking with some tried and true things my daughter will eat that my husband isn't really fond of (like cheese pizza.  My husband likes meat on his pizza, the daughter doesn't).  Some of the more "odd" recipes I'll be eating, but I'll make my daughter a cheese sandwich or something for dinner instead as with her stomach bothering her this week pushing new foods on her could lead to us both being up all night and not in a nice way.

Menu Plan for Week of 8/8/16
Monday:  Noodle Bowl Night

Tuesday:  "Mom's Got Other Fish to Fry" Night.  In other words the son is getting left over pasta, the daughter is getting chicken nuggets, pudding and fruit and mom is having left overs with salad.

Wednesday:  Salmon Coconut Stew (this is going to be a pantry friendly recipe to use up things around here).

Thursday:  Home Made Tomato Soup with grilled cheese (have canned tomatoes that are old and need to be used)

Friday:  Summer Soup (WWII rationing recipe I want to try), home made bread with melted cheese on top and cheese pizza (for the daughter *laugh*).

Saturday:  Breaded shrimp, oven fries, salad

Sunday:  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, baked beans

To Bake:  Bread and Dessert.  Baking Day?  Hopefully soon.

Desserts:  Fresh grapes (Monday), Ice Cream with chocolate sauce (Tuesday), Vanilla Pudding (Thursday), chocolate chip cookie bars (Friday through weekend).

And there you are folks.  My menu for the week.  How about you?  Have anything good planned?


  1. Hi Erica,
    I've been reading through your archives and am just wondering when the very first one was. I can only get as far back as 2015. Is that when you started? Thanks!

  2. Sounds yummy! I'm trying an experiment for the next two months to see if it helps me with my meal planning, so every other Wednesday will be either breakfast dinner, or spaghetti, then one niht will be a helper sort of meal, since I got a ton of various chicken and helper mixes for 25 and 50 cents each, then that only leaves 4 to 5 nights of serious thought, so hoping it helps a little time wise, budget too, snice I wenter overboard today, and ended up getting a bunch of toys marked rediculiously cheap at WAlmart for my kid's and nieces for christmas.

  3. Hope you have great week! Your meals sound good, and I'm curious about the summer soup. I love reading about how people made do during WWII.\