Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shopping Goals: June 2016

 This was an area that was kind of tricky for me to figure this month.  We have holes to fill in the pantry and freezer, but no money to really fill them, so what do you do?

Well, my friends, in my case you go through, take a detailed inventory of what you DO have and figure out how to fill those holes without spending money.  And I came up with some plans.

Remember those #10 (big coffee can size) cans of tomato sauce I bought last year?  Well, they'll be coming into play here this month (hopefully depending on how hot it is :) and I'll be using skills and my canner to fullest extent to get some things accomplished here.

I do have a subscribe and save order in with Amazon that I paid for with giftcards, so at least I don't have to worry about that coming back to haunt me with money coming out of the account next week.

The garden should start producing this month to the point I should be harvesting lettuce and other salad fixings as well as herbs.  This is always a welcome addition to our summer table, so I'm definitely looking forward to that.

So, anyway, here's my various shopping goals for the month.

From the Pantry/Canning:

#10 Cans of Tomato Sauce, make into:
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Ketchup
Mustard seed, make into:
  • Yellow mustard
Sugar and lemon, make into:
  • Golden syrup (this will help supplement pancake toppings come winter to save me money on maple syrup and also to be used in cooking)
  • Coffee
  • Ultra Gel (for canning)
  • Chili powder (bulk)
  • Au Jus mix (bulk)
  • Fish oil containing vitamins, chewable (for son.  Some people swear that it has helped their child to talk better and have less melt downs, so I want to give it a shot)
  • Dill Seed (bulk)
  • Kraft EZ Mac cups (for son for summer school)

Home Depot:
  • Water Softening Salt

Regular Stores:
  • Cheap produce (if I run into any)
  • Cheap meat (I'm running kind of low, so I'm kind of hoping to run into some)

And there you are folks.  My shopping goals for this month.  How about you?  Have anything planned?


  1. I am planning to buy and can peaches this month since they are already in season, and I see them as cheap as 67 cents/ lbs.
    I am hooping to find cherries also, the cheapest I see them last year was 1.97/ lbs, but cherries are one of our favorite fruit, and I make sure every year I can some for winter.
    Beside this I will try to get to the farmers market and pick up enough green beans and scuash to freeze at least 10 bags from each.
    This is the busiest time of the year for me for canning and freezing produce

    1. I've been stalking our local produce stand on Facebook in the hopes that I can get some cheap peaches to can. Right now the cheapest price we have is 1.49 lb, and while a good price up here, it's a bit steep for me to buy peaches to can at that price.

      I am thrilled my friend gave me her cherries from her freezer as they are going for 5.00 about per lb on average this year. That's WAY out of my price range :(.

      I was just reflecting how busy I am during the summer anymore preparing for winter. I feel like the turtle from "Over the Hedge" as soon as I realize it's Spring it's time to start preparing for winter *laugh*.

  2. We are going from just dh and myself to my son home from college and my daughter moving back home the end of June. My grocery budget was $75.00 per week for the two of us with always leftover money. I rose it to $100.00 per week right now and I am buying anything we will use in bulk if at a good price. Both kids will only be home together for two months but the laundry seems to triple and my electric bill goes up with all the computers, Adams guitars, amps, and I won't even mention the gas bill in winter.

  3. You know, I remember a while back Brandi from the Prudent Homemaker said she needed to buy pancake syrup and a bunch of people commented that they make their own from scratch. I did a quick search on Pinterest and found dozens or recipes using all sorts of ingredients...everything from apple peelings/cores or berries/fruit, to just sugar, water and vanilla extract! Even found one using pumpkin. It may be worth your while to research some homemade syrup ideas for yourself if you haven't already.

    I've never made BBQ sauce, ketchup or yellow mustard from scratch. I can't wait to hear how your family likes it! I hope you share how they turn out.

    As for myself, my shopping goals are always the same...restock items as they go on sale/discount as much as possible.

  4. My goal right now is to eat down our pantry. I have been really able to stock up over the last year, which is fantastic. But I would also like to cut our grocery budget. One way to do that is to focus on eating what we already have on hand. I'm also hoping to pick up fresh peaches and maybe fresh corn this month at our local "farmers'" market. Its more like wholesale, but still great prices and often very fresh produce.

    Your post on taco sauce made me realize that I could make this at home, too!! In fact, we already make our own enchilada sauce, I don't know why I didn't think to look for a recipe in my Ball book. Thanks for that tip!

  5. At this point, . am unsure of any shopping plans. My dh has been in hosp for 2-1/2 wks. I am just glad we get to go home was touch n go at the beginning but he is much much better now. So Thankful! He is actually going to a skilled hosp. for a couple of weeks, while i get things ready at home. I had things pretty well stocked for now, but once hubby comes home he will b on a special formula d/t getting a g tube because of issues with his swallowing....i am hoping ins. will cover this...just not sure. I have plans to can beans n rhubbarb/strawberry jam. Also to purge n clean my house. I am holding off buying groceries till I get home. Just an fyi our $ tree sells 2# pinto beans for a $1. I neither live close to a sams club or belong to one so this is the cheapest I Have found in a long time. I plan to weed my garden as I have not been able to get to it
    since hubs has been in hosp. My dad has done some, but
    feel that will b my first priority after getting dh settled at skilled facility.Have a good week my friends.

  6. I'm setting a $150 Grocery Challenge for myself this month. My plan is to eat out of the garden and use things in our pantry and freezers that need to be used us ASAP. I have 2 large stand alone freezers and both are packed to the gills right now.