Thursday, May 26, 2016

This Week's Shopping Trips

Okay, so I went over on groceries this period.  I'll admit it.  The call of cheap produce, when I went to buy milk today, called my name.  I went over by about 30.00, five dollars of which was the pickle crisp I bought when I found that Carrs had given me a .99 price on cabbage so I could make some cabbage to can.  I KNOW I have pickle crisp around here somewhere, but haven't been able to find it, so I bought some new so I know...find it *laugh*.

When I was at Fred Meyer today I stopped by the reduced produce and hit paydirt.  I got a 1.00 cantaloupe, some mangoes, some pears (2 types between the bags), citrus (an orange and a lemon) and some apples.  I also got some corn on the cob (on sale for .75 an ear right now...yes...that's cheap up here) and some watermelon (3.00 on sale this week).  And I got the milk I walked into the store for *laugh*.

I then went to Carrs to pick up my son's prescription and got the red cabbage while I was there.

So, yeah, all totaled I went over my budget (I'm subtracting off the milk as it was part of my original grocery budget) by 26.99.  I'm honestly okay with this as we were down to one banana and an orange in the house because of my fruit loving daughter so the produce was kind of needed :).

So, how did you do on groceries this week?  Did you manage to stick to your budget (better than me ;)?


  1. I don't know yet if I'll go over budget. Going to Smiths in the morning. They are a Kroger affiliate like Fred Meyer is. Lots of deals here this week to match up with my coupons. A friend just gave me 4 cartons of Cherry Vanilla Haagen Daaz ice cream. I'm in heaven. lol.

    1. Yum!!!! With the peanut allergy it's been years since I've had any ice cream flavor but vanilla, so anything cherry sounds divine *laugh*.

  2. I start doing my grocery shopping for 2 weeks, this week I been at Aldi, Sprouts, Kroger and HEB ( this is a Texas store, much like Mijers is up north ).
    I like to shop in multiple store if time permits so I can get all the good sales each store have.
    I end up spending 170.00 for 2 weeks and this include some pantry stock up too, I never buy just what we need right away, if I find a good sale on something we use I buy as much I can afford. This way I am stocking the pantry / freezer and I don't have to pay full price.
    Anyway this week raspberries were on sale for 88 cents at Kroger, the best price I seen since last here and we just love them so I bought a lot of them.

  3. I'm so glad you were able to find some great deals on produce this week, Erika! Sometimes it's worth spending a little extra money one week when things are on sale, than wait and pay full price the next week. The fruit you bought will keep nicely int he fridge for a couple week too!

    Well, last week I gave my mom a little bit of money and had her go get a few things we needed. If I had gone, I would have found things to buy and spent more. I held off commenting because I knew I would be going today for groceries.

    Unfortunately there weren't many good deals this week, so thankfully we're still well stocked with the pantry. Grocery deals that were half decent this week included 2 free bottles of BBQ sauce (plus 1 bottle @$1.97) using coupons and a rain check from a couple weeks ago, peaches and pears for $0.97/lb, a watermelon for $2.97, 2 bags of perogies @ 2 for $3, 10lb bag of potatoes for $1.97 and 8 large cans of cat food for $0.97/can (normally $1.40/can). I bought more than this, as I'm trying to shop every second week now, but there wasn't any extraordinary savings on them. We should be good for the next couple weeks (finger's crossed!), other than a few essentials like milk.