Thursday, May 19, 2016

This Week's Shopping Trips

 First, the above photo was actually taken by my son when he grabbed my camera and snapped a picture.  I was impressed.  He's a better photographer than I am *laugh*.

This week's shopping trips are combined with next week's too as I covered in a previous post (I wanted the fuel rewards if I went over 100.00 in one shopping trip at netted me 4x the fuel rewards doing that.  The coupon has renewed itself too, so check your Just 4 U coupons to see if you can load it if you want it). 

So anyway, all totaled I went to three stores the last week.  One was Carrs, of course last Friday, where I picked up things like flavored water (for daughter's lunches this week), Gatorade, Cheetos, some chips and other "boy food".  I didn't really get anything "wow" worthy, so I didn't bother to take a picture (that and most of it was shelf stable and was going to be down in the pantry or the laundry room (like the 3.00 things of cat litter I bought) so I REALLY didn't want to try and stack two weeks worth of groceries on our stairs to take a picture).  All totaled I spent 103.00 after coupons and got my fuel rewards.  Part of that was 10.00 my husband and I spent on lunch, which I don't count in the grocery budget, so that left me with about 30.00 for the rest of the two week period.
The other trip is above when we went to Bushes Bunches on Saturday last week in the hopes of getting corn on the cob super cheap (I was willing to go over budget to stock up on it).  I saw the post on them having it Friday night after I had gotten my shopping done, so we ran in about a half an hour after they opened on Saturday to try and get some.  I was right behind the woman who had gotten the very last ears.  I was kind of bummed, but I grabbed two big bags of cole slaw mix (all locally grown).

I then ran to the Franz outlet to see about what I could get for bread cheap.  All of the bread I bought was on the 4/5.00 rack, so I got all of the above bread for 11.66 (the one Rustic Seeds loaf was free.  If you spend five dollars or more there you get a free loaf of bread.  I spent 11.66 because if you buy an odd amount you pay 1.66 instead of 1.25 for the item.  :).  This should be enough bread to last us about a month, so I was happy (and it will even meet some of the goals for feeding therapy like the bread sticks, so yay!).  I like the buy the pre-sliced bread for toast as the kids definitely prefer it and also for quick dinners when I run out of home made bread (which does, occasionally happen).

So all totaled I spent 112.66 on groceries for two weeks, which leaves me about 8.00 or so for milk (luckily milk was part of the shopping trip so I think I will make it...if not I'll be close).

So, how did you do?  Find anything neat the stores this week?


  1. Great shopping, Erika! I'm in a similar situation as you for the summer. Now that I'm back to work, I find it difficult to shop every week. Sometimes I'm just too tired to go on my days off, while other times I miss out on deals because I'm limited on when I can go and they sell out before I get there. So, I am also trying to move to "shop every second week" for the summer months.

    Grocery deals last week included 4 loaves of Texas toast bread marked @ 50% off making them $1.50/loaf (and they weren’t short dated either!), 8 bricks of cheese @ $3.97/brick (I was low in the freezer and I use a lot of cheese), a case of 12 mangos for $7.97 (I will be cutting them up and freezing them for future use once they ripen a bit more), 2 jugs of vegetable oil @ $1.97/2L jug and 10 large cheddar sausages @ $1/sausage.

    There was BBQ sauce on sale for $1.99 and I had 2 coupons for $2 off 1 bottle, but they were out of stock (everyone has obviously been using these coupons for the free product). I asked for a rain check for the product which allows me 30 days to get it at this price. I tried look on-line for more coupons in the intrim, but I've been unsuccessful so far.

  2. Nothing too spectacular for me in the groceries this week, our Kroger is on strike, and as much as I would love to go there, and get my freebies and their deals this week, I felt like what they were asking for wasn't unfair, (paid sick days,for one) and so this week, I would show my support by not shopping there, so this week scaled back the food purchases since we have plenty and put that towards stocking up on household goods at Walmart.

  3. I love your shoping posts, it's always nice to see what others buy. Until recently I used to ship once a week, and last week I decided to only grocery shop every other week, since I usually go in multiple stores to get the good sales and its seams like I am gone a whole day just shopping.
    I will still go to the farmers market and pick up vegetables and fruits there, since here in Texas we got a lot of produce around this time of the year.
    I also have a big garden but sadly due to all the rain we got this year, some plants died, some are not growing to good, so I am not sure if I will get enything.
    I also spend more money this time around going to pick your own blueberries , blackberries and strawberries. I mainly buy this once a year from the farm and freeze what we cannot eat fresh.
    Anyway you inspire me with being so organized, so this is where I got the idea to plan better and try to shopp less and hopefully spend less too.