Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Finds

Well, this was a good week on the thrift store finds front.

I stopped by the thrift store today more on a whim than anything else as I keep hoping to run into a nice cabinet or a cheap, but nice, bookcase to use for some of my books.  Came up empty handed there, but I did find some cool stuff!

2 pinwheels for .25 each. 

These will be going into the Easter basket for the kiddos.

A reusable waterproof bed pad for 5.00 new in the box. 

I have desperately needed a second bed pad for my son since he tore the second one he has (which makes washing his bedding that much more challenging every day), so I was thrilled to find it.  It will definitely come in handy.

I found some pink lacy material for .25 that I figure I'll use to dress up doll dresses or something come Christmastime.

1 My Little Pony "Pop".  It's a toy that you build yourself and design the hair and everything. I  thought my daughter would definitely like this for Christmas as she kept wanting me to buy one for her last year (and what they wanted for them new was ridiculous).  I got this one brand new in the box for 1.75.

1 Harry Potter Clue Game for 4.50.

The game has all it's pieces that I could see, had the direction sheet and had pretty much the entire pad where you check off suspects and clues.  I had priced this thing on Amazon for my daughter for Christmas and it was at least 21.00.  So, one cheap Christmas gift down :).

1 bag of quilt batting for 1.00.

1 speed control for a sewing machine for 5.00. 

My husband has been looking for one of these, so I grabbed it.  If it turns out to be something he can't use, I'm going to see if my mother-in-law needs it as she has said in the past that she needed a sewing machine pedal for another machine she has.

1 box of snap fasteners for .25. 

This was a "duh" type of mistake as I forgot that my step mom had sent me tons of snap fasteners in her pinata boxes to me, but they'll get used, so not that big of a deal.

 And I found this for .50 (forgot to take a picture of it with the other items).  This seems like a really awesome cookbook and it has TONS of different recipes for pretty much everything beef including oxtails and lots of different types of stews and things.  I'm looking forward to reading this in more detail later.

And really, how can you not love that obviously 70's cover?  Vintage cookbooks are awesome :).

So, there you are, my finds for today.  Find anything cool lately?


  1. Nice scores at the thrift store, Erika, especially the waterproof bed pad! Those are so expensive new. I love that you were able to find some toys to put away for Christmas too. Always helpful to buy gifts over the year, instead of all at once around Christmas...not so overwhelming financially. I bet your kids, especially your son will really love the pinwheel for Easter, too!!!

  2. You found great stuff. I don't have time or patience for thrift stores, usually, but if I could find great stuff like that, I'd probably be more enthusiastic! Rob did hit an estate sale and got some nice things for good prices. He will re-sell most of them on e-Bay. He won't make a lot, but right now, every bit helps.

  3. Good finds! I l9ve new toys at thrift stores!!

    We hit a goodwill in a town we only get to a few times a year. I spotted a huge bag of thomas train track sets (the plastic ones) for $4. There were two fancy sets and a basic set. I almost saved them for my youngest birthday in august but he saw them and didn't believe when I said they were for me lol. Oh well!

  4. I found a small potato masher (she will be in a studio apartment next school year) for my daughter's apartment for &.25 and got some free hangers. You got some great buys!