Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Menu Plan for Week of 3/28/16

One of these years I'll be able to consistently get my menu plan done on Monday, but for now I'm just going to be grateful that I have enough neurons firing to do it at all.  I'm still battling a lingering cough from that cold (Man, deja vu, as it seemed like I was having this much the same problem last year about this time.  Blah!) and I'm dealing with lack of sleep due to my daughter's stomach condition cycling something fierce this last week going between out and out migraines and the cyclical vomiting hitting her stomach.  She's making it through school, but is needing Zophran every four hours to function right now and it's not leading to a good quality of sleep for mom as I'm worried about her.  And of course then my son doesn't sleep on top of it, so mom is spending most of her time while the kids are at school crashing on the couch, or better yet in her bed, and sleeping most of the day away to recover even a minute amount of energy.

As a result my house could definitely be in better shape this week and trying to think of things to cook was making my head hurt.  I think I finally worked out a menu plan for the week though, which is good because I need all the help I can get right now to keep me focused.  Here's hoping things improve with the kiddos sometime soon.

I'm using up a few small packages of hamburger from the freezer that are older this week, which is a wonderful change of pace for us as beef is definitely the least used meat around here right now.

Menu Plan for Week of 3/28/16
Monday:  Leftovers

Tuesday:  Tacos (1/2 lb of hamburger mixed with 2 cups refried beans for main meat)

Wednesday:  Bacon, hoe cakes, hard boiled eggs (leftover), fruit salad (home made)

Thursday:  Meatloaf (turkey and beef), mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans

Friday:  Pan fried cod with white sauce, leftover fruit salad, rice

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday:  Chicken and dumplings with mixed veggies.
Desserts:  Lemon Cornmeal Cake (if this turns out I'll share the recipe...I'm hoping my cornmeal is still in decent shape that I found), apple crisp

To Bake:  Lemon Cornmeal Cake, bread


  1. It's tough dealing with no sleep day in and day out, especially when you don't feel good. Hang in there. Your kids have some pretty tough issues they deal with, which means you deal with, too.

    Your meals sound good. I am also back to my "use-it-up" project. Yesterday, my sister and I organized the freezers, emptied another one, and found a few more items for me to use up. One was too freezer-burned, but item #2 was usable and we had it for dinner. The house showings have decreased in frequency, so that's helping me stay home and cook more.

  2. This week has been a lot of left overs here too. I love seeing how you plan your week, it is inspiring!

  3. I'm sorry you guys are still dealing with sickness! (What is it with the cold making the rounds? My hubby & I are still dealing with the lingering cough after a good 2 weeks--and my husband's turned into bronchitis & a sinus infection :-( ). Good to hear you're at least getting a chance to get some rest during the day; hopefully everyone will be on the mend soon.

    Your menu sounds good, and I'm intrigued by the lemon cornmeal cake :-)!


  4. Rest and when your kids feel better and you feel better you can worry about the cleaning. When I was very sick from chemo treatments, I just worried about feeding everyone and making sure we all had clean clothes. That is enough when your not sleeping and trying to catch up on it during the day. Cheryl

  5. You poor thing!! Hang in there. Your family is lucky to have you being such a good mom!! The house can wait a few days!!