Monday, February 15, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Well, be prepared for things being late (like this post for instance) as I'm running behind this week.  I'm dragging something fierce.  My son slept 2 hours a night the last three days.  It's been utterly miserable on my energy levels, so I haven't gotten near as much done as I would have liked.  I managed to keep the house as clean as possible with a cranky and destructive some running around and that was about it (house is completely cleaned this morning, though, which is good).

I did manage to get a few things done, however the sewing machine didn't get pulled out this week.  Between my son not sleeping and then his skin just being terrible, it's been a struggle just to get normal things done around here, let alone satellite items.  I'm hoping that I can get some of those done this week as I changed some things to help his skin out (more on that bit later).

First up I got the master bath changed over to the new rugs and shower curtain.  Everything was black in the master bath before and it darkened the room more than I wanted, but that was all I had for rugs other than what I had in the kid's bathroom.  Well, my son, after he had the stomach flu, gets freaked out if I have any rugs in the kids bathroom (why, we're not really sure), so I just moved the rugs downstairs along with a shower curtain that just darkened the kid's bathroom a little too much (they have a TINY bathroom).

The final results on the bath mat and shower curtain are above.  I'm not sure what I think of the floor pattern with the green in the rugs and such, but at least it lightened the bathroom up a bit and gave it a nice shower curtain.

And I obviously got the Valentine's for my son's class made and sent off, so at least that got done.

The fridge I started to clean (overall so far not too bad.  Found about three containers of sour cream I get to use up, but I don't mind that at all :), but haven't gotten through it yet.  I still want to pull everything out and scrub the shelves nice and sparkly and such and then I want to start emptying out the fridge freezer just to see what else I have buried in there that might have to be used up.

Oh and I FINALLY got my granola made!  I don't know why I put off making granola as it's so simple to make, but I just always think it's going to be way more work than it ends up being.  It's kind of like making bread.  You're like, "Ah man, this is going to take forever" and then when you actually make it it doesn't really take that much time at all in the grand scheme of things.  Weird the way that works.

So, here's this week's goals.

Sewing Goals:
1.  Get napkins done (embroidery will come later).
2.  Fix at least one zipper on husband's work jackets (more on this adventure later)
3.  Start to sew dress (maybe.  This is on a "if I have time" basis)
4.  Find pattern for robe.  If I don't have one (which, I could honestly be delusional thinking I have one), figure out a pattern for one.
5.  Finish daughter's nightgowns (got the sides sewn up, but haven't done the straps, armholes or neckline yet).
6.  At least figure out measurements for and cut out beginning of Spring tablecloth.
General Goals:
1.  Clean out and scrub fridge.
2.  Wash windows, mirrors and closet doors (dust and Vaseline fingers due to my son are everywhere right now).
3.  Clean TV screens and dust DVD players and other electronics well.
4.  Change filter in son's air purifier.
5.  Mop floors.
6.  Scrub tubs well.
7.  Try to find Spring decorations and start to clean out furnace room.
I think I might have bitten off a lot more than I can chew this week with the goals if my son doesn't start sleeping better, but we'll see.  Maybe the Good Lord will shine on me and my son will start sleeping again.  I can hope anyway.


  1. Nice shower curtain and bath mat, Erika. It must feel nice to have a bit of an update, even if it is a small one.

    I hope your son starts to sleep better. It can't be god for either of you to get so little sleep on a regular basis. I hope you are able to check of at least a few of your "to do" list this week!

  2. I hope your son feels better soon. I found your blog a few days ago and I have been enjoying reading some of your older post.
    Amber in Kentucky