Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Ever had a week where you feel like you finally accomplished things you've been wanting to and just feel awesome about it?  Yeah, that's me this week :).

When it came to the Monthly Goals I got a decent amount done this week overall.

1.  I made a pattern for my daughter for nightgowns (as seen on my Frugal Friday post).

2.  I completed one nightgown from start to finish (seen up top) and got a pretty pattern embroidered onto it.  This is going to be part of my daughter's birthday gift.   She knows I was adding some embroidery to it, but I never let her see the design so that'll be a surprise for her *laugh*.

I wish I could have gotten the cross stitch to show up well that I filled in the decorative underline with as it came out looking so darned cute, but I took my picture in dim overcast lighting and it just didn't want to pop when I edited the photo.  I fused some lightweight fusible interfacing to the backside of the nightgown to not only make the embroidery not be itchy, but also to protect the loose threads from wandering fingers that might want to pull them.  I did the ironing a bit late at night and ended up with a few minor wrinkles in the fabric because of it, but ah's a nightgown *laugh*.

The material I used was a pink bed sheet that I had.  I kept thinking I might use it as a backing for a quilt, but it was the perfect weight for a nightgown.  I cut another nightgown out of the same sheet and I cut another one from a butterfly printed sheet we have.  These will be great nightgowns for summertime especially.  I still have to sew the other two together (I'm figuring between the two it'll probably be about an hour worth of work), but I got them cut out.

3.  I cut out cloth napkins out of white muslin to make today.  They are currently in my dryer ready to be ironed and sewn.  Yay!!!  I'm so excited as I've been trying to get this far for a while *laugh*.

4.  I checked and made sure I had all the materials to make my daughter a birthday cake, including pink icing, which she's super psyched about.

5.  I started to scrub down the walls and get all of the finger prints off.  Making progress is always nice :).

6.  I have been trying really hard to drink more water and so far so good.

Onto this week's goals:

Sewing Goals:
1.  Get other two nightgowns for daughter sewn together.

2.  Sew napkins and start designing embroidery for them.

3.  Start work on Spring themed tablecloth.

4.  Work on darning.
General Goals:
1.  Scrub master bathroom and set up "new to it" rugs and new shower curtain.

2.  Make Valentine's for son's classroom party (they didn't have a party last year with Valentine's involved.  This year they do, so I'm seeing what I can make instead of having to buy more Valentine's.  Here's hoping I have materials that'll work).

3.  Scrub fridge and see if there's anything that needs to be used up. 

So, there you are folks.  My goals for this week.  What are you up to this week?


  1. Oh my goodness...what an adorable nightgown you created completely from scratch! The embroidery just makes the whole piece look so beautiful. No wonder you feel so accomplished. Great work, Erika!!!

    Sounds like the cleaning schedule is also working well so far. I'm sure that must be adding to your awesome feeling of accomplishment.

    I can't wait to see all the completed sewing and embroidery projects you have planned. You do such a wonderful job on them. I'd love to see the valentines cards you create as well, so please take pictures! Here's hoping you have a second week of awesome accomplishments, Erika.

    1. I promise if the cards come out not looking like a first grader did them I will share. I don't hold out much hope at this point, but I might surprise myself ;).

    2. You know, I was thinking about the design of your daughter's nightgown today...if you used a t-shirt fabric or something like that, she could wear it as a summer dress! Also, if you shortened the length, it could also work for a really cute summer shirt as well.

  2. Cute, cute nightgown! I haven't gotten around to new napkins, so yesterday I finally just cute off the hems of napkins where the fabric has worn completely through and made new hems. Smaller napkins, but they look better. Sounds like such a good week!

    1. That's a good idea and it saves material. Good work there :). I got to a point where I definitely want some napkins I can bleach so that I can get things like oil stains out of them as my husband and daughter can be kind of messy when they eat :).

    2. Darned keypad always posts my replies early.

      When it comes to embroidering some of them I am hoping to maybe get some inventory going to open a small Etsy shop to sell some small embroidery projects. I figure napkins are a good start as they are simple to make and a little embroidery definitely makes them pop.

    3. Oh, i agree. Embroidery takes them to a whole different level and not too many people do it anymore. My napkins are complete stained but just my girls and I use them so oh well. I put paper ones out if we have company, but we are pretty much hermits anyway. 😀 I managed to embroider two napkins after seeing something Brandy did and never finished any more, but I put them under dishes when I put snacks out because they are so pretty.

  3. Yay Erika!
    Your nightgown is adorable! I think an Etsy shop would be great, I am always looking for potholders and kitchen towels that are homemade, as they just seem so much better than the store bought ones. Pillow cases with embroidery are my favorite, so feminine and lovely. Great job! Please let us know if you do open a shop. :)

  4. Very cute nightgown for your daughter. Cheryl

  5. Super cute! I love embroidery. It makes things look so pretty.