Monday, February 1, 2016

Monthly Goals: February 2016

Overall, I was pleased with how much I got done on last month's goals with the exception of the sewing goals.  With all the paperwork and sickness and other things going on, I just didn't get time to sew like I wanted.

Now it is February.  A new month and a new chance to get some stuff done around here.  So, I give you my goals for this month!

February is one of the longest feelings months in our long winters in Alaska, at least for me.  By February the heat being on all the time, the house being closed up and such and the dust really starts to get thick come February even if you dust regularly.  I just get to a point where I really just want to scrub some walls in a pseudo "Spring Cleaning" to remind myself that Spring will come eventually.  At least the light is finally getting better as we're gaining light back so I can open the windows and enjoy daylight through the day.

General Goals:
1.  Get taxes filed (done).  When refund comes in pay off first bill for husband's teeth (hopefully quickly as it would be such a relief to be done with it).

2.  Get daughter's insurance paperwork filled out and in the mail (done).  I'm hoping this goes through smoothly as this is what the government said she should have for this year.  If she gets denied things might get interesting as I'm scrambling to find her insurance so we don't get penalized.  I hate insurance renewal time.

3.  Redo master bathroom in a lighter color.  I have some lighter green carpets that used to be in my kid's bathroom, but my son messes up the rugs constantly, so I figure I'll put them in the master bathroom and hang up a shower curtain that didn't work in the kids bathroom because it's just a bit too dark for their small bathroom.

4.  Make sure I have all the materials to make daughter's birthday cake.

5.  Scrub down walls and get rid of masses of finger prints and dirt from son. 

6.  Drink more water (it will not only save me money doing this, but is also healthier for me).

7.  Clean fridge out and scrub everything thoroughly.

8.  Dust.  Remove books from shelves and dust those as well.   Dust top of kitchen cabinets.

Sewing Goals:
1.  Make daughter a few nightgowns (if I can make a pattern successfully) for her birthday.  Embroider a few designs on them to make them "fancy".

2.  Make cloth napkins to embroider (I will make napkins this month.  I'm determined).

3.  Sew pocket onto husband's shirt that needs it.

4.  Work on darning.

5.  Make spring themed table cloth.

6.  Work on robe for self if I can find my pattern for robes.  

7.  Start to work on sewing together dress.
 And there you are folks.  Some of my basic goals for this month.  What about you?


  1. You are making me eager to get out my sewing machine! But, right now, I need to sort and pack, so I don't think I will get to for a while. The good news is: I have a portable machine I use in the camper, so once I get through this huge job of getting all non-essentials in storage, I can sew while I wait for the house to sell, as long as I save out a few projects! I hope you get a lot done and people stay well at your house this week.

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping we all stay well too, although this morning I woke up with my cold symptoms bugging me again. I'm going to wash all of my bedding in hot water and see if it's just some type of allergen or something bugging me as I am thinking positive and REFUSE to get sick again *laugh*.

      I remember sewing in a small space. My husband and I lived in a teeny apartment (maybe 400 square feet...maybe) and I used to pull out our roll up camp table/kitchen table and sew on that with my tiny sewing machine, while taking up pretty much the entire living room and kitchen area. I sewed a queen sized fleece blanket in that space and other things. Good luck with the house selling quickly and I'm sorry you found yourself in this situation.

    2. Thank you. I hope you DO NOT get sick again:) (I'm sure the boldfaced letters will keep it away:) ) I've been sorting through things a lot today, and probably will wake up in the same boat in the morning from all the dust. I'm trying to weed some things out now, instead of when all of my friends and family come over and help pack. I'm thinking that might be a bit overwhelming to decide everything then.

    3. Moving, no matter how organized you are, sucks. When we moved here I ended up doing it pretty much alone for a long time and finally came unhinged because my father-in-law was moving at the same time and making sure my husband was busy ALL THE TIME so that he couldn't help me. I honestly think it was so that he could get into his new house before we did. And it was during summer break so the kids were home with me. It was an absolute nightmare and a lot of bad happened during it, luckily though it all worked out. I pray with everything I have in me that it goes smoother for you. And yes, doing it when family and everyone is'll never find anything ever again after that, so be sure to pack everything you'll need to find before than (different people with different moving methods all in one place=not good). Good luck!!!