Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 1/25/16

It's "comfort food week" here on The Make Do Homemaker as I am officially not feeling well, my husband is really tired (not a good sign) and the kids are still fighting their colds.  So, my family is going to LOVE me as we eat things like soup (which my husband and daughter both don't care for) as I try to get us all back on our feet again.

So, onto this week's menu!

Menu for Week of 1/25/16
Monday:  Enchiladas (didn't make this last week as we ended up having ham one night with the ham I got cheap before I sliced it up), Spanish Rice

Tuesday:  Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup (crock pot)

Wednesday:  Pork steaks with pantry friendly fig sauce, green beans, rice

Thursday:  Lemon herb chicken, leftover rice, peaches

Friday:  Noodle Bowl Night

Saturday:  Fried Chicken, pasta salad, baked beans

Sunday:  Ham and Beans

To Bake:  Bread

Desserts:  Chocolate Rice Pudding (this stuff is awesome and pantry friendly), bread pudding, leftover muffins


  1. I'm so sorry you are all feeling under the weather. Praying everyone is better soon!

  2. My daughter and husband have some issues with soup as well...but there are some that they accept better than others. Homemade cream of potato or cream of broccoli are usually hits at our house. Creamy chicken noodle soup sounds like something they would enjoy as well, though. I don't bake bread all the time, but I usually make a homemade loaf or some yummy garlic cheddar tea biscuits when I make the soup. It seems to adds to the appeal.

    1. Yeah, oddly enough the one soup my husband likes is a loaded baked potato soup with bacon from a local store. It's a cream based soup. He's also eaten broccoli cheddar soup in the past. Huh. The soup last night I just threw some milk into the base of the soup when I put it in the crock pot and then thickened it with a corn starch slurry on the stove (in another pot obviously) right before serving. It kind of gave the illusion of a cream based soup, but since I normally don't have cream around here, that's the way I punt ;).

    2. I start my cream soups by mixing equal parts flour, and melted butter/margarine to make a roux, then add skim milk to make a cream soup base. It works really well and does not require buying expensive cream to get a thick, creamy soup either. Honestly, I have even used reconstituted powdered milk and it works just fine as well. There are lots of recipes on-line that use this method for making soup if you've never tried it.

    3. I have done roux many many times. Main reason I used corn starch was I wanted to conserve the butter (couldn't find the margarine in the back of the fridge) and I had a ton of corn starch *laugh*.