Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 1/11/15

Sorry I didn't actually post this on Monday.  My son is in a "hey let's drive mom to the brink of insanity by not sleeping at ALL" phase, which has led my brain to leak out my ears when it comes to anything requiring organization skills.

Sadly, this led to us, once again, having baked chicken last night.  My husband and I both looked at it like we were about to eat an alien dish of some disgusting looking food just because we are so tired of just eating baked chicken all the time.  It's just been so hard for me to be creative with my son not sleeping.  I mean I put off making French toast last week until the weekend just because it seemed like so much work.  Sad, very sad, state of affairs there.

I got home from dropping the kids off at school today and while my  husband worked on paperwork I went upstairs in our living room and I took a nap, so at least I feel like my brain is working again.  So, I think I am ready to tackle the menu plan for this week.

Menu for Week of 1/11/15
Monday:  Baked Chicken, Rice, apple sauce
Tuesday:  Curried Chicken Fricassee, salad 
Wednesday:  Fish Casserole (use freezer burned fish in freezer), rice
Thursday:  Meat Roly Poly (use ground pork and turkey in freezer), green beans
Friday:  Meat Pie, corn bread
Saturday:  Pork steaks, sauerkraut croquettes, apple sauce
Sunday:  "Ham" salad sandwiches w/lettuce, chips

To Bake:  Bread, muffins, fruit tart, granola, spiced nuts.  Baking day:  Tuesday (supposedly...we'll see if I'm up to measuring things tonight and reading a recipe) and Thursday.

Desserts:  Fruit tart, salvage pudding (I'll try to remember to share this as it's a neat trick to use up leftovers) with custard, jello with whipped topping.


  1. You poor thing! Too tired to make French toast is bad.
    Glad you got a nap.
    Yes, please, when you are more caught up and your son is sleeping better, share the salvage pudding recipe. The name has me curious : )

  2. Sorry he's not sleeping! Hopefully you can get some rest tonight.
    What are "ham" sandwiches? I'm guessing it's not really ham???

    1. It's Spam. I know it stands for "Spiced Ham", but yeah...I can't in good conscience call it "ham" *laugh*.

  3. I don't function well when I don't have sleep either, Erika. In fact I'm down right miserable to be around. Hope you can get caught up soon. At least you have a meal plan in place to alleviate the "whats for dinner" fiasco.

    1. It's never been easy with him with the autism. It took forever to get him off the newborn sleeping schedule (like waking up every two hours tops) and finally reached that point a few years ago and I was finally able to move back into my bedroom vs. having to crash on his floor or in the living room. He tends to sleep about four hours a night on average now a days, which isn't terrible in comparison to how he used to be, but man the last couple of weeks it's been sleep for an hour to an hour and a half and then he's up ALL night long. Eventually he'll crash and sleep for seven or eight hours straight and then go back into his normal sleep pattern, but I'm still waiting for that to happen. Not fun. Thank goodness he's at least back in school so I can come home and take an hour or so nap before tackling housework and stuff as trying to think on no sleep is REALLY hard to do.

    2. Erika, we were having problems with my daughter sleeping as well. Being in Canada, we are able to go see the Dr without paying a fee, so we see them often. We discussed the problem with her Pediatrician and we were given a prescription to try. It has been a godsend to us! I've never been so happy to hear my daughter snore! The drug name is Olanzapine, if you think you might want to discuss it with his Dr the next time you see them. I'm not a Dr, so I'm not saying it is the right thing for your son. Just thought I would let you know that there may be medicine out there you're not aware of that might help.

  4. You are obviously a wonderful cook, if you are tired of baked chicken! Growing up, baked chicken was a Sunday-only meal for us. A random, Monday meal (much cheaper) might be chicken cacciatore ...pasta, tomato sauce, and maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of the amount of chicken we'd eat at a meal of baked chicken cut up and mixed into the sauce. Maybe there's a cheaper, no-effort meal that would bring baked chicken back to being special? Regardless, looks like you have great variety planned!

    1. I remember growing up when my dad was trying to pay off bills, he took over the grocery shopping and I burned out so hard on baked chicken. He'd cook it the same way. Chicken legs with soy sauce sprinkled over the top and baked to death and we'd have it with chicken flavored rice. We'd have hot dogs or ramen noodles for lunch and boiled cabbage as our side dish. And that was basically what we survived on for a year straight. I still can't bake chicken that way *laugh*.

      Chicken is like the one meat I can find right now under 2.00 (thank goodness pork is finally back on sale woohoo!!!), and my husband needs meat in his diet regularly (his body isn't happy if it doesn't get meat to a point where I'm only comfortable doing a meatless meal once a week). Now that my brain is functioning beyond me going "need sleep, need sleep" over and over again, I'm hitting cookbooks and Pinterest for inspiration and I got some ideas. You're right though. It's a shame that a meal that should be special comes to be dreaded. I really need to work on that :).