Monday, December 7, 2015

A Gift a Day Gift Twenty-Nine: Button Wreath Ornaments

Since I was short gifts for teachers and therapists I kind of had to come up with some different ideas to replace the pot holders I was making, soooo here is one of those gifts I came up with.

I actually got inspired by some ornaments I'd purchased from a vendor a long while back and then I looked for a tutorial to recreate what I remembered her ornaments had been like (I ended up giving said ornaments away due to safety issues with my button chewing loving son).  I found this one, which was close to what I remembered, but hers had been made with buttons and straight wire (like I recreated here). I thought of doing the wreaths in the tutorial as they looked easier, but I didn't have any green felt, so I thought I'd just take some jeweler's wire and wire two layers of buttons together by doing straight stitch with the wire (and a bit of creative bending) and pray that the finished product would come out close to what I remembered.  It worked really well and I thought they turned out pretty darned good.

These will be given to my son's occupational therapist, his speech therapist and his adaptive PE teacher at school.

I used some scrap booking paper to make some cute envelopes to give these in too, so I hope they like them.

Total cost to make gift:  Nothing as I used buttons I already had in my button jar to make these and I had the wire in with my bead working things.

Total Time to Make Gift:  Two and a half hours.  Bending wire around buttons takes a while!

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  1. Those ornaments are super cute! I'm sure they will love it.