Sunday, November 1, 2015

Monthly Goals: November 2015

Well when it came to goals for October, some things got done and some things didn't.  We had a lot of excitement last month including a couple of episodes with hives with the kids (this year their environmental allergies are worse than normal), so things like repairing chairs got forgotten.  Those goals will get spaced out over the next couple of months as November and December are busy for me.

I find it humorous that I shared a "Gift a Day" series on my old blog last year and I just realized that Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker had the exact same idea and has been doing hers for years (honestly, I can't remember where I got the idea from, so I very well could have gotten it from her originally years ago as she followed a lot of the same blogs I did :).  I plan to do this series again on this blog as I found that people found it inspiring to realize how nice of gifts you can give for very little investment.  "A day" refers to a period of 24 hours or less for me, which honestly is pretty much everything I make as I don't have the time, energy or room to start huge projects that will take weeks to accomplish...not with kids running around anyway (which I wouldn't trade for the world).

So, be prepared to read about Christmas this month.  Mainly to hopefully help people find inspiration if they are stuck in their Christmas gift goals for this year.  That and I kind of need to get major sewing out of the way as my sewing table is where our Christmas tree needs to go, so sewing around a tree gets to be difficult.

There are other things I've got to get done this month as well, so onto the goals for this month!

Monthly Goals:  November 2015

Sewing Goals:
1.  Continue to work on Christmas gifts.
2.  Make cloth napkins for Thanksgiving/fall out of leftover table runner cloth.
General Goals:
1.  Print pictures to send to grandparents for Christmas.
2.  Continue to work on winter meal plan (I'm being really careful about tweaking it, in the hopes I won't have to fill a lot of holes in later on).
3.  Get up an hour earlier (I'm really hoping this will be easier with Daylight Savings Time on my side).
4.  Work out chore list for daughter.
5.  Start to dig out Christmas decorations.  Figure out what needs to be replaced/made this year (my son LOVES Christmas decorations...especially tree ornaments and he wrecks a decent amount of them every year, so I just make them as needed).
6.  Take down Halloween decorations.
7.  Repair husband's recliner.
8.  Make dust cover/table cloth for sideboard.
9.  Pull out history lessons on the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving and other "Thankful" lessons (history isn't being taught in Common Core in the lower grades right now, so we're trying to fill the gaps).
10.  Dig out Thanksgiving recipes.  Make sure I have everything to make Thanksgiving dinner.
And that's the major things I can think I have to do this month.  Anyone else have a list this month?


  1. I look forward to your gift a day posts. I can always use frugal Christmas gift ideas! And I am a terrible procrastinator about sewing, so I definitely appreciate your sewing inspiration.
    God bless you as you have to deal with Common Core. I hope they can get it overturned in the not-too-distant future!

  2. Yes, I'd love to see the downfall of Common Core! Hopefully one day soon :).