Monday, November 9, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 11/9/15

Well, I think I finally have my winter menu all planned out for the most part, so this is week one of said menu (I'll post up more about breakfasts and stuff later and just stick to the dinner menu for now).  So, here's this week's menu (I am planning a month long menu that I'll repeat every month for the duration of winter with changes as needed if the family doesn't like something.  This way the menu won't get too boring and I'll be able to plan accordingly what we'll be eating that month...if that makes any sense).

Menu Plan for Week of 11/9/15
Monday:  Chicken Cheesy Casserole (recipe coming someday *laugh*)

Tuesday:  Pork Roast, rice, green beans

Wednesday:  Chicken Cresent rolls with cream sauce

Thursday:  Noodle Bowl Night

Friday:  Fruited Chicken Salad (pantry only recipe.  We'll see how it turns out)

Saturday:  Pork Roast with fig sauce, apple sauce, potatoes au gratin

Sunday:  Baked chicken w/roasted root vegetables
Desserts:  Chocolate pudding, Cake with jam filling and chocolate frosting, jello with dream whip, baked apples, cherry tarts.

To Bake:  Bread (for toast and sandwiches), cake, cherry tarts.  Baking Days:  Tuesday and Wednesday.

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