Monday, November 23, 2015

A Gift a Day Gift Twenty-One: Stuffed Ornaments

This was kind of a last minute "change up" in my gift making schedule.  I was originally going to make my baby niece a Christmas themed teddy bear for Christmas, which I'd gotten as a panel project from the thrift store, but when I actually cut the pieces out and looked closely at the instructions, I got curious and started pinning.  Which I'm glad I did.  The bear is HUGE compared to what I would have liked to give as a gift to someone who lives in a very small space right now.

So, to take it easy on my in-laws when it came to storing the gifts, I tried to think of something at least decently small that a little toddler would be able to enjoy.

Remembering back to my childhood when it came to Christmastime there were some vivid memories (that all of us have) and one of my biggest one was playing with the stuffed Christmas ornaments that my mom had my sister and I help her make when I was a little girl.

So, I decided to make her some stuffed ornaments for the tree instead.  I mean my sister-in-law can cut off the hanger and let her use them as toys too and they won't take up much space in her house, which I thought was a definite benefit.

I had originally planned to make these for the holidays around here.  I found a bag of already cut out ornaments for .25 at the used store and bought them a couple of weeks ago.  Well, out of like nine designs the ones above were the only ones that actually had a front and a back for them and had the seam allowance not cut off of them (I'm thinking a sewing beginner was working on this project before me).

To try and make turning the ornaments easier, and to avoid puckering I clipped around the ornaments before turning them.  

Total Cost to Make Gift:  .25 for the cut out pieces.  The batting and thread I already had, so they cost me nothing.

Total Time to Make Gift:  About two hours as I kept getting distracted by a son destroying my upstairs.


  1. Those ornaments are really cute! I hope your little niece loves them.

  2. I remember my mom making these when i was little. I now have 3 grandaughters n i think they would enjoy making these with grandma. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for these types of panels at my thrift stores.