Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Gift a Day Gift Sixteen: Waterproof Matches

So, you want an idea to give to an older kid that they would appreciate if they are into camping, survival or just like to help light up the bonfire in the yard?  On the cheap?  For WAY less than it would cost if you bought them at the store?

I give you home made waterproof matches! 

This is going in with my oldest nephews camping gift, since he didn't get a camp soap while his younger brothers did.  After this gift my camping gifts for my three oldest nephews are done!

Waterproof Matches

You Will Need:
  • Wooden Matches
  • A Candle (I used a beeswax candle I got for free a long time ago and has been sitting in my china cabinet)
1.  Light the candle.

2.  Dribble wax while holding the candle onto a piece of cardboard (be sure to do this in an open area so you don't have to worry about setting something on fire) until a puddle forms.

3.  While still dripping hot wax into your little "wax pool" take your other hand and start rolling the matches one at a time in the hot wax, being sure to completely cover the top of the match.  Aim to get some of the wood below the tip coated as well to afford the best protection.  Hold waxed match aloft for a few seconds to let the wax cool slightly and then place the match carefully on some treated cardboard (I used an old pasta box, flattened, for this entire project). 

4.  Repeat until the desired number of matches have been coated.

5.  If you want to be sure that the wax seal is good around the match head, while the wax is still warm, take your fingers and gently pinch the wax around the match head to be sure the wax is sealed to the tip well.

6.  Let matches set until you are sure they are cold and then pick them up and place into a container of choice (I used a newly emptied glass spice jar I had on hand).  My mom always used an old film case for 35mm film as they are pretty water tight on their own, but I don't even know if you can get those anymore *laugh*.
And there you are folks.  One easy and useful gift to gift to someone this holiday.  Coating the matches takes a little bit of time and some space (as you have to place the matches so they don't touch to dry and all), but otherwise it's pretty easy to do.  And you won't have to shell out 2.00 plus for like 10 waterproof matches.

Total Cost to Make Gift:  Free as I had everything I needed here. 

Total Time to Make Gift:  About 40 minutes.

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