Sunday, October 18, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

What a week this has been.  A failed peanut allergy test for my son and the poor guy's eczema is showing the results of it as the residuals come out in his skin.  Due to the stress my husband who has back problems when he tenses up has been miserable all weekend to the point we have come to realize he needs to see a chiropractor so I made him an appointment for one tomorrow.  My stomach that handles stress by trying to kill me, I swear, has been giving me fits all weekend.  I think the only one who was relatively normal this weekend was my daughter until she realized she gets braces on tomorrow and then she's been dealing with her own stress.  So, yeah, fun weekend *laugh*.

I did manage to get a few, although not many, of my goals from last week accomplished and got some things on my monthly list worked on.

1.  I got the downstairs carpets shampooed.

Still have to go over the carpets a few more times to get them where I'd like them to be, but overall I'm pleased with them. 

2.  I got some presents for extended family done this week (more on those later...I have a knee jerk reaction to sharing Christmas related things before November 1st, so I'm really trying to save "holiday" types of things until after Halloween *laugh*). 

3.  I got some projects pulled out, some planned out, some cut out and ready to go as well (seen above).

4.  I got some more of the pantry organized and a few things marked down on my pantry inventory list.  Still working on it, though as I've barely begun.

5.  Laundry is no where near caught up right now.  My son went through an exorbitant amount of bedding over the weekend, so I've got a lot of laundry to catch up on in the next couple of days.

6.  I did manage to pretty much get over my cold this week.  Still making sure to take care of my residual symptoms, but overall I'm feeling a lot better.

7.  I got the canner put away and took an inventory of basics that I need for canning season next year.

And now onto the goals for this week.

This Week's Goals:
1.  Breathe.  Money going out with doctor's appointments, potential money going out with the orthodontist tomorrow (I'm not sure if monthly visits are covered in the base price we paid) and such has me a bit panicky.  So, breathing is always a good first step.

2.  Continue to work on Christmas gifts for extended family.

3.  Finish one Christmas gift for son and one for daughter.

4.  Fix husband's recliner. I got kind of foiled in my want to fix this last week as I'm not sure what to use instead of upholstery tacks on the "new" arms for the chair.

5.  Empty kitchen cabinets.  Clean them and reorganize.  Wipe down fronts with Murphy's Oil Soap.

6.  Mend two new holes I found in comforters.

7.  Start working on mending giant pile of husband's socks.

8.  Mend at least two pairs of husband's jeans.

9.  Print out a couple more Halloween decorations.

10.  Work on budget for winter.  Our gas and especially our electric bill has gone up a LOT on base rates this last year (our electric company is ridiculous on upping the base's gone up like four times in the last eight months) so I really need to figure out if there is any way to cut back on utilities before the really cold weather sets in.


  1. Breathe. That is the most awesome thing on your list and one I really need to sort of translate onto my own monthly/weekly lists. I too have had a lot of expenses of late and a big loan went out to one of our kids who hasn't made an effort to pay it back. I have a large doctor bill due and no clue where that money is coming from, a long list of labs that I've only just now discovered isn't going to be covered by my insurance because the lab I'm using is NOT a preferred provider (oh to have known that info 5 months ago!), etc., etc. Yep, breathe needs to go on my list!

  2. Ouch. I feel for you. Labs cost SO much money and so quickly. When my daughter was having stomach problems and we lacked insurance we blew through 12,000.00, which was our entire savings, in about...oh four months or so. Medical bills are terrible and getting worse :(.