Friday, October 30, 2015

A Harry Potter Halloween: The Decor/Snacks (With Links to Free Printables)

I know I might confuse people by putting The Decor/Snacks, but ahem...I kind of decided to make the snacks the decor for our Harry Potter Halloween, so that's why I combined them.

Seen above is the Harry Potter Honeydukes counter. I decided to turn my sideboard into the main attraction for this holiday (which is actually pretty typical of me as the sideboard holds so much that I love to use it for "spreads" like this.

I figured I'd break down how I did this all for you guys, as really I got this from some awesome sources on the internet and a little imagination on my part.

First, I'd recommend to everyone to get some sticker paper (affiliate link).  I love sticker paper and have it in with my regular printer papers constantly.  The stuff is tons of fun to mess with when you have a project like this one and you would be surprised how handy it comes in (for gift tags, printing your own labels for home made gifts, etc).  You can even print off sheets of stickers to give to kids as part of birthday and Christmas gifts.  Definitely worth the investment (Amazon didn't have the paper that I have anymore, which is sad, but I did find the above 100 pack of paper that seems like a good value).

The project I'm the most proud of, by far, is the Butter Beer.

One of my most guilty pleasures is GOOD cream soda.  It's been like that since I was a kid.  And, the IBC brand of cream soda has ALWAYS been my favorite.  I remember going down to the candy store, getting some penny candy and an ice cold IBC out of the cooler (boy did I just date myself) on a hot summer day.

So, about once a year (usually at Christmastime) I go into the store, REFUSE to look at the price attached and pick up a six pack of IBC for my sipping pleasure.  This year I bought it early for Halloween and went to town turning it into Butter Beer (I'll be adding home made butterscotch whipped cream as an option to put on top of the soda at the table).

I wrapped the six pack box in brown mailing paper I had, printed off labels from here for the bottles and got a label (among other labels for the Pumpkin Juice and such) here.  I just cut down the butter beer label to make an "all new" label for the six pack.  I then wrapped the tops of the bottles in brown mailing paper to cover the bottle cap and tied them with some brown cotton string.  I personally think it came out looking awesome :).

The water bottles/potion labels came from the same page as the Pumpkin Juice label and the big Butter Beer label.

The stand up candy printables I got from here. 

The candy/snack part isn't quite complete as I've still got pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes and the like to make, but you get the basic idea here.

 The Bertie Botts container I got from here.  It takes some construction, but is cool when done.

And the chocolate frog box (my chocolate frogs are currently setting up in my fridge) you can get from here.  She even has chocolate frog cards you can print off!

To finish off everything I got a cauldron and some brand new in the package napkins from the used store for .50 each.

Enjoy everyone and I hope you all have a great Halloween!

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  1. What a lovely job you have done here. This is amazing! Your kids (and guests) are going to love this.