Sunday, September 20, 2015

Monthly Goals Update and This Week's Goals

Well, overall it's been a pretty productive week for me around here.

When it came to last week's goals, I got the majority of them done.  I got some mending done, including mending the loveseat arm, but I still have a ton more to do.  I also didn't get my other table runner made, but I've got time so it's not a big deal.

I got the sideboard all cleaned up and managed to empty the drawer and actually use it know...sideboard stuff!  I would have taken a "before" picture, but I think everyone pretty much knows what their junk drawer looks like and can just superimpose that image over the drawer in their minds.

I managed to get a bag of garbage from the sideboard alone.  The majority of it was old papers (from the drawer) and lots of old gladware type of containers that the lids went MIA a long time ago or lids where the containers went MIA a long time get the idea.

In the drawer I put cloth napkins, table runners and napkin rings and then there was the space below...

Where I did what I could with it.  I'm hoping that once I can get the hutch cabinet in a lot of this stuff will have another spot to go and I can reorganize (the brown sugar and tapioca I have in here until I can find some more Tupperware containers to put them in the pantry).  I'm hoping eventually this space can house good dishes (for special occasions) and tablecloths.

I dropped off three loads of stuff to the used store this week.  I still have a lot more clothing to go, but I'm making progress!

I got all of the laundry folded and too small clothing is now in a bag ready to go to the used store.

I got the freezer cleaned off, coils cleaned, and the entire contents of the freezer removed and reorganized.  I can now see what I have, have it all organized on the shelves better and found that I had to throw away very little (mostly I unboxed things and threw the boxes away to make things stack better with less wasted space0.

Bright side.  I found some things I forgot I had (like some lamb chops!), so that was a really welcome find.  I find my list of fresh things I want to get next month getting smaller, which makes me even happier as it will save me from having to spend unnecessary money next month.

I finally got the chocolate chip cookies made for my daughter's lunches.  I used an old Betty Crocker recipe that not only made more cookies than the previous recipe I'd been using, but it also used a combination of butter and shortening, so it was cheaper to make in that respect AND it only calls for 6 oz of chocolate chips, so a bag of semi-sweets will make 2 batches of cookies (yay for kitchen scales for accurate weight measurement with that!).

I started to clean up the master bedroom in preparation of reorganizing it and I got some more Halloween and fall decorations (read: kid's artwork) put up.  I also got a little bit of Christmas gift work done this week as well, so woot!

I figured out how to tear apart and deep clean my dishwasher (which BOY did it need it!).  My husband and I had looked up our dishwasher, or at least what the manufacturer said was our dishwasher online and the instructions they gave for cleaning it didn't make any sense compared to what we were dealing with.  I finally figured it out by studying it and figuring out where tabs and stuff were and we got it done.  I think that really does rank up there with one of the most disgusting home maintenance jobs I've had to do thus far.  But, bright side my dishwasher is running much better now!  Not on my list but it needed to be done.

I went out today and composted the garden in preparation for winter.  Nope, not on my list for last week either, but it needed to be done anyway!

So, onto this week's goals!

Sewing Goals:
1.  Continue to work on Christmas gifts.  Be sure to finish pillow form and pillow case for daughter this week (the cat keeps trying to nest in the material and I don't want her getting too comfortable).
2.  Continue to work on mending.
3.  Finish table runner.
4.  Make pumpkin table cloth or runner with leftover pumpkin material.
5.  Mend other arm of loveseat.
General Goals:
1.  Continue to work on cleaning out and reorganizing bedroom.
2.  Take inventory of material stores.  Make sure I have everything I need and if not, make list.
3.   Print a couple preliminary Halloween items online (I'm doing a Harry Potter theme for Halloween this year for my daughter) and make sure they come out okay.
4.  Make a batch of home made Bisquick/master mix.
5.  Take apart fold down desk and move bottom half down into bedroom to use as a dresser.
And there you go folks.  Some basic goals for this week.  I am sure there's more I'm not thinking about right now, but I'm tired, soooo I'll figure out the rest later!

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