Friday, September 11, 2015

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Weekly Recap

This week saw some things on the money saving front.

1.  I researched when to harvest turnips online and found that the best time to harvest is actually when the turnips are about two to three inches in diameter.  My turnips were in the two to three inch category for the larger ones, so I harvested those (and a few smaller ones to use for greens).  I'm not sure if the other turnips are going to grow very big, but I left them in the ground just to see how far they'll get.  I plan to use the ones I harvested along with what is left of my potato crop to make corned beef and vegetables this weekend.

2.  I needed needles and realized that Jo-Ann Fabrics was having a Labor Day sales event, so I went in and used my 25% off total purchase coupon to make the needles a bit cheaper.

3.  I got a personalized price on pasta at Carrs for .98 for Barilla pasta.  I bought 20 boxes.   Between this and the pasta I already have this should be enough pasta to last my family a year.  I used the money out of my regular weekly grocery budget to buy the pasta.

3.  I used supplies I already had in the house to make creamed soup mix and a shake and bake style mix.

4.  I finished my shopping goals for October. They may need tweaking as I come up with other things I need and/or I find I have enough and don't need that certain item.  I'm being really careful with the list as I want to make sure it's dialed in as well as possible.

5.  I baked bread this week and we've been eating it with meals instead of pasta or rice.

6.  I shopped with coupons and with the sales (obviously by the pasta) to make my dollar go as far as it would go.

7.  I mended a comforter this week so far.  I'm hoping to get more mending done tomorrow.

8.  I've been drying tomatoes as they ripen.  I decided dehydrating the tomatoes made the most sense as they are only ripening one to two at a time.  I've got about one half pint of dried tomatoes so far out of my crate of tomatoes, on top of the green ones I've turned into fried green tomatoes and other "green tomato" dishes.

And there you have it.  Some of my frugal endeavors this week.  How did you do?

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  1. I live in Fairbanks and I think you do, too. Until next Saturday, Fred's is selling Bumble Bee tuna for 50 cents a can--no coupon and no limit. We bought several cases, so we will be eating a lot of tuna this winter! Also, with a coupon, butter is $1.99, limit two. Finally, Ragu spaghetti sauce is on sale, no coupon required, for 75 cents! I thought it was a misprint. Anyway, if you have any money to spare you may want to take advantage of at least the tuna and Ragu. I have never seen the prices that low. There is also Tillamook cheese for sale, a two pound brick for $5.99. That isn't great, but I managed to buy 1. This requires a coupon---we found extra circulars with the cheese and butter coupons right inside the doors as we walked into Freds. I know it is hard to live so modestly, so I wanted to let you know about them in case you missed them.