Monday, August 10, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 8/10/15

I'm currently in the process of making a more pantry heavy dependent menu as money around here has been so sporadic that it's been hard to really buy things like meat regularly.  Luckily, so far I've found random good deals on meat, which will see us through for a bit, but I'm picturing by next month we're going to be doing a lot more pantry eating until we can build up some type of savings around here.

I'm still trying to shop from the pantry as much as I can to make meals more interesting and less monotonous as there are days we swear we're going to start sprouting feathers eating so much chicken.  I have very small amounts of beef I pick up from time to time when I can find it cheap, so I'm really working hard on recipes to make those little amounts of meat go as far as I can.

So, here's this week's menu using things like a few thin sliced round steaks I found at the store that are starting to get freezer burned used in tonight's dinner.

Menu Plan for Week of 8/10/15
Monday:  Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff (pantry friendly ingredients), salad

Tuesday:  Chicken Pesto Pasta (use dried pesto mix from pantry), fruit cocktail

Wednesday:  Pork Chops, rice, cheesy mixed veggies
Thursday:  Brined orange chicken, leftover rice, green beans
Friday:  Pancakes (make extra for school breakfasts later and freeze them) with blueberry syrup (from pantry), bacon, eggs.
Saturday:  Black olive and ham Pizza (use ham from freezer for topping)

Sunday:  Baked chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes

Desserts:  Orange Fluff Jello (use items in pantry), S'mores (microwave).

Baking:  Make branch bread (didn't make this last week), white bread, cookies for school lunches (Tuesday:  Baking Day).

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