Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Menu Plan Monday (late): Menu for week of 8/17/15

Man, yesterday.  By the time it was over I counted myself truly blessed that the kids were in bed.  The first day of school is always hard, but then on top of all the change (my daughter HATES change about 99% of the time) my daughter's "boyfriend" whom she really liked might have moved away as he wasn't at school yesterday.  So, I ended up with an overly exhausted daughter who hadn't slept the night before in tears most of the afternoon and evening.  Luckily she seemed to be doing better this morning (fingers crossed there), but with her mood and my son being tired too...menu planning was completely OUT yesterday.

So, here we are today and I know I need to get my act together and start cleaning, but before I do that let's get this show on the road and get that menu plan done!

Menu Plan for Week of 8/18/15
Monday:  Noodle Bowl Night (this worked out as I was as exhausted as the kids were)

Tuesday:  Baked chicken, baked potatoes (use blemished potatoes), mixed veggies (freezer).  Dessert:  Fig steamed pudding (new recipe I'm HOPING will turn out well).

Wednesday:  BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes (with gravy for daughter), biscuits, green beans.

Thursday:   Balsamic herb pork roast, rice, pears

Friday:  Leftover pork roast with whatever leftover veggies/fruit we have.

Saturday:  Baked whole chicken, stuffing, green beans

Sunday:  Chicken sandwiches with popcorn (or pizza depending on time).
Desserts:  Fig steamed pudding with caramel sauce, ice cream, s'mores

To Bake:  Bread (plain only), pizza rolls.  Baking day, Tuesday.

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