Monday, June 1, 2015

Monthly Goals: A New Approach To Financial Goals

After much thought, I finally decided to completely redo how I approach goal setting on a month to month basis.

See, the reason I didn't have any financial goals for last month was that I had no money to set financial goals WITH.  Which, the more and more I thought about that the more and more depressed I got.

So, this month rolls around and I asked my husband last night if we should have any financial goals.  We both gave each other a somewhat sad and resigned grin and stated at the same time, "Make bills."  And so, that is the ONE financial goal I have at this point until finances can somehow go on the upswing.

Which, so far, hasn't happened.  My husband had to get his entire top front of his mouth capped today so that we didn't lose the tooth that he got the root canal done on, so for the first time in 5 years I went and applied myself for a credit card.  In this case a Care Credit card, which having no credit anymore I got approved for right away.  I broke out in hives over it, but my husband needed the dental work done badly and he's so happy having a regular looking smile again for the first time in years.  Either way we are 4,000.00 further into the hole now, so I've got more digging out to do.

In the meantime, I decided to redo my mindset and give myself goals that I could actually, you know, achieve around here.  So, instead of doing financial goals I'm just going to sit down and make a list of achievable goals for the month, apart from shopping goals as those are dependent fully on if we get enough money coming in to make them.  Each week I'll try and do an update as I, hopefully, achieve these goals, but in the meantime, here's my list for this month.

Monthly Goals for June:

1.  Shampoo Carpets, all
My son is very hard on carpeting, and I do try to do one room at a time normally, but right now all of the carpets have suffered a bit, so it is time to get an all out shampooing done on the carpets.

2.  Work on fall canning and preserving list
This is an important goal that I do every year about this time.  Mainly I start planning on how well the plants are doing and figuring out if I do end up having to buy supplemental materials from the store to achieve the goals I've set that I need to start budgeting out for them now.

3.  Continue to clean out storage space and get things organized for future yard sale.
We have a 40 ft. cargo van that we bought years ago and we used it to move all of our things when we moved into our house three years ago.  The result of this is that oh, about 1/2 of the things IN said 40 ft. van haven't been gone through yet and we've been meaning to do a yard sale for the last few years.  So far I've unearthed a few things we were looking for that we weren't sure where they had disappeared to, but I've also unearthed so much stuff we can get rid of, mostly baby clothes and baby things that we had put into storage and lost track of.  I've gotten some done, but still have a ways to go.  My goal is 2 rubbermaid boxes per day to go through.
4.  Organize pantry space and work on making hallway closet more organized.
I'm trying to rearrange things to be more functional around here and that means I really need to make my hallway closet into a linen closet if possible and that means making my downstairs pantry that much more functional.  So, it's back into my space under the staircase to see what I can do with my pantry to make it work that much better.

5.  Get son's room organized.
I'm hoping to somehow rearrange things from my master bathroom to steal the Closetmaid unit that we currently use to house our towels and other things in said bathroom, to put in my son's closet.  He desperately needs more space to organize his toys and things like blankets, so this would help greatly if I can make it happen.  Then we have an old entertainment center in our storage van that my husband and I want to move into his room as well to store toys and blankets in as well (my son goes through a LOT of bedding around here).  This is a big one on my "to do" list this month.

6.  Rearrange kitchen to be more user friendly/get more room.
My kitchen is an ever evolving space and I need to go through it again, see if there is anything that I need to part with, figure out my canning jars and other things to get ready for canning season coming up in a few months.  Yes, this job COULD potentially take me a few months, so it's on my list now.

7.  Donate items to used store that might not sell at a yard sale quickly.
There are some things, being a hard core yard sale fan at this point, that I see sitting and not selling at EVERY yard sale I go to.  These items, instead of putting them out to sell, I'm just going to drop off at the used store so they can get the money from selling them.

8.  Work on getting insurance sorted for my daughter.
We're having insurance renewal delay issues for my daughter that are driving me up a tree.  Three weeks on hold, numerous people sending e-mails to supervisors and still no renewal has gone through.  I'm going to keep trying because if the insurance doesn't go through soon I'm going to have to pay full price for my daughter's meds and those are 200.00.  I don't really have that money to spend right now, but she needs the medicine (thank goodness I have some left from previous months), so I've got to get something figured out on that mess soon.
9.  Go back to using checks as much as possible.
With the exception of some things that we can only pay online, I'm going to go back to paying utilities and such with checks as much as I can and pay groceries in cash or by check.  This makes money easier to track, which I need to help me feel a bit more in control of our finances.

Other than general goals I also have specific sewing/mending goals.

Sewing/Mending Goals

1.  Start to cut out future Christmas presents and set aside to sew later.
2.  Mend husband's jeans
3.  Mend holes in comforters from washing machine or general wear and tear
4.  Make coupon holder
5.  Finish current embroidery project
6.  Work on making table cloth for kitchen table to replace badly stained ones (haven't had a lot of luck finding replacement ones at the used store)
7.  Make new dish towels.
8.  Make son some sleep shorts/pants

And there you have it.  My goals, overall, for this month.  Hopefully I can get it all accomplished as it all needs to be done.  Fingers crossed!

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