Monday, June 1, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Menu for Week of 6/1/15

I continue my quest this week for cheap, but not boring meals.  It took me a while searching through my books to come up with a good meal plan, but I did it.

I'm going to be reworking my "weekly menu framework" from month to month, I think, just to stop the weekly menu plan from getting too monotonous (and of course it'll change depending on what is on sale during that month and all), but I haven't figured out what my weekly schedule is going to look like yet.  I'd like to continue to include pasta once a week, but it's been so hot here that the last thing I've been wanting to do is cook a giant pot of boiling water on my stove to make pasta.  But, we'll see what the weather does this month.

And so, here's our menu for this week...

Menu for Week of 6/1/15
Monday:  Crock Pot Chicken "Hotpot"
This is kind of a mishmash of things.  I put chicken legs, potatoes, carrots and cut up an ear of corn that was going to go bad and placed in it in the crockpot.  I then added a dish of herb butter I had made up for dinner a few weeks ago (dried herbs, so it was still good) on top of the mix and added a bit of extra seasoning and some water to the crock pot.  We'll see how it tastes.  Hopefully good.

Tuesday:  Spanish Fish, rice, fruit cocktail

Wednesday:  Dresden Patties w/ a chicken filling (a WWII rationing recipe I'm tweaking and seeing how it works out)

Thursday:  Spinach, ham and cheese frittata

Friday:  Tacos

Saturday: Grilled Chicken, rice pilaf, green beans

Sunday:  Leftovers
Desserts:  Jello (husband had dental work done today, so he's going to need soft desserts this week), jam tarts.

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