Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Yard Sale Finds

Lately I haven't had a lot of money to do anything with, but I was able to score some yard sale finds before money seriously starting going South, so I figured I'd share those today.

This was, quite seriously, the most awesome yard sale finds I've ever gotten.  All of the above cost me less than five bucks.  Check out these finds...

1 vintage Pyrex mixing bowl (I have an exact one JUST like this that I got at an antique store for like 12.00 a while back) .50!!!  I quite literally dove for the bowl when I saw it and made the woman next to me laugh hysterically at my antics.  And I so didn't care ;).

1 Recipe box .25 (this is for my daughter.  I'm going to make some pretty recipe cards with different kind of easy recipes, complete with illustrations, and put them in the box for either Christmas or her birthday.  I think I'm going to dress up the recipe box with some pretty scrap booking paper or something, but we'll see how it goes.

1 SET of Vintage Tupperware storage containers in PERFECT shape for 1.50!!!!  I collect vintage Tupperware (yes, an odd hobby, but fun and functional) and I use and interchange storage containers a lot, so I was over the moon thrilled to find these.  Thank goodness we were so broke as the yard sale had like four sets of Tupperware containers and I just decided to settle on one set *laugh*.

1 aluminum square pan for 1.00.  This wasn't a screaming deal, but I wanted to get one of those to be able to do stove top cooking with (like if I want to pre-bake eggs or something).

Not bad at all for 3.75!

Once I got a second bowl, I decided that between that and the other medium sized mixing bowls I have that I think I finally have a system of bowls I really like, so I am really glad I found that bowl!

So, yeah, I was happy with my yard sale finds for last week.  Hope your bargain hunting has gone well this week as well.


  1. You have made my evening. I haven't seen tupperware like that since my childhood at my grandma's house. Here's was beige in colour. Loving the yellow!

  2. *Laugh* I have a few pieces in beige, some bright orange, avocado green (ahh the 70's), brown...I'm kind of all over the board on colors. Love all of it, though :).