Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thrifty Thursday (Thrift Store Finds)

Man, I've got back blogging to get done.  You guys might get kinda hammered the next little bit.  It's been kind of hectic around here as it's like every time I thought of blogging something happened.

1.  My husband finally got the cold that everyone else in the household is pretty much over.  As a result the poor man has been feeling pretty cruddy.

2.  Then, since he was sick my husband was spending a lot of time steaming in the shower in our bathroom and the drain clogged.  Bad.  So, my husband went and used his contractor knowledge to try and get the clog out.  Long story short it involved a snake, then cutting a hole in the wall on the opposite side of the wall from the tub, cleaning out a few sewer pipes, etc.  And it still wasn't fixed.

What finally fixed it?  ME!  Bwahahaha!  Sorry, I'm proud of myself on this one.  I just looked at the standing water in the tub, looked at the plunger next to the toilet and went, "What the Heck!"  Waited until my husband's back was turned and just plunged the heck out of the drain.  And it worked!  Now, I know logically that my husband probably worked the clog enough that the plunger was able to dislodge it and such, but I'm still taking credit for this one ;).

3.  My sister-in-law gave birth to my brand spanky new nephew over the weekend and I've been preoccupied looking at pictures.  Yes, babies are distracting, even in picture form *laugh*.

And suddenly, here we are with another Thrifty Thursday!  I have some other cool things planned for the blog that I'm hoping to launch in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, I'm super thrilled with this week's thrift store finds!

This week I was really thankful that our tax refund came in as when I went to my favorite thrift store, looking once again for a bowl to replace my beloved medium sized mixing bowl that broke, I realized that for the first time in a while they had fabric out!  And boy did I score big!

The biggest find was a bolt of material with 16 yards of flannel shirting fabric on it for 15.00!  I couldn't believe it as if I had bought a bolt with that much fabric on it new?  Yeah, don't even want to THINK how much that would have cost.  My plans for it are to make some shirts for my husband and son closer to Christmas and maybe a few pairs of lightweight sleep pants for my son come fall.

I also found some leather-like fabric that I plan on making into soles for home made slippers for the kids come Christmastime as well.

I found a flowery type of pattern full sized top sheet that was brand new looking so I grabbed that for 1.50 to use for maybe a cute summer skirt for my daughter or some other application.  And I picked up a cute construction themed top sheet to do something (maybe a shirt or something else) for my son.

I also found some different types of fabric in different patterns that I plan on using for things like handkerchiefs.  And I found, one of my biggest finds, a high loft queen sized thing of batting for 2.00!  Always nice to have extra batting for projects :).

So, total spent at the used store was 22.00.  Total saved?  Man, I can't even begin to imagine.  The bolt of fabric alone would be probably well over 50.00 on sale.  So, woohoo!

Did you score any good deals this week?  What did you get?

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