Monday, February 16, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: This Week's Menu (2/16/15)

This week's menu is about as boring as it gets *laugh*, although don't worry I do plan on sharing recipes from the last couple of weeks (like the chicken fried "steak" recipe should go up tomorrow or so).  Overall, though, I'm just trying to shop from my freezer and pantry for things that I've gotten on sale the last little bit.

Monday:  Lamb chops, kale (frozen from my garden over the summer), rice

Tuesday:  Pancakes, bacon, eggs

Wednesday:  BBQ chicken (BBQ sauce home made from pantry), mashed potatoes, KFC copycat coleslaw, biscuits

Thursday:  Tacos

Friday:  Broiled Pork Steaks (seasoned with All Alaskan Seasoning Blend), baked potatoes, salad

Saturday:  Brined Turkey Breast, Braised Carrots, corn bread

Sunday:  Italian Sausage Sandwiches with caramelized onions and peppers (onions and peppers from freezer), frozen vegetable medley with Montreal Steak Seasoning (still one of my favorite seasoning blends).

Desserts (outside of the normal):  Apple crumble pie, chocolate cake (for my daughter's birthday this week).

Breakfast (outside of the norm):  Victory Pudding (I really like this stuff)

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