Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Gift a Day Gift Twenty Six: 18" Doll Dress

Okay, this was actually an experiment and ended up being a gift for my daughter.  I'm hoping to make her some more clothes for her dolls here, but this was the start.

Some may remember on a Thrifty Thursday post where I found some panels for 18" doll clothes on them.  I was going to have my daughter help me make the clothes, but then reading through the instructions I realized that not only were the instructions over HER head, they were also, in some cases, over MY head.  Reading the numerous gussets, pleats and other things the clothes would have I was kind of baffled as they are doll clothes for crying out loud!  Yet, at the same time, I realized that this was a good opportunity for me to expand my sewing knowledge too.

I had never tried anything with pleats in it before (I tend to go for super simple on patterns), so I cut out a dress that would require pleating, took some material that I had from...I have no idea where honestly as I can't imagine myself buying that pattern of fabric for something, but maybe I had a project in mind at the time...who knows...and decided I'd use the dress cut out as a pattern to mess around with on my own.  I tried to make the dress as close to the other pattern that came on the panel as possible so that it would coordinate with the other outfits on that panel (it comes with some other clothes and a purse and things on it)

So, I cut out a dress using the other pattern as a template and then started following the instructions.  And I'm glad I did that as it allowed me to make a decently cute dress for my daughter's 18" My Generation Doll (speaking of Christmas clearance that was one of those scores.  I got the Christmas edition doll for her ages ago for 10.00) and I've got a better knowledge of how to do front pleats on a dress, so that was a nice bit of knowledge to add to my brain :).

I used a velcro closure in the back where the original instructions wanted you to use some snap or hook and eyes.  I find velcro easier, so I just cut a piece of velcro in half lengthwise to the desired length and used that.  It worked great and took a lot less time than the other way would have.

Total Cost to Make Gift:  Well, considering I used part of the panel project as a pattern...hmmm...about .50 or so?  I can't safely say how much the original fabric for this cost, but the bias tape I used to finish the neck and arms was .10 for the entire package and I still have some left.  So, yeah, .50 seems like a good place to estimate.

Total Time to Make Gift:  2 hours with distractions abounding in between.


  1. That is so cute. I really like the colors and style. The 2nd time will be easier!

    I'm hoping to make a few doll clothes, as well, but have caught the cold that our family is passing around (as in our extended family--all 3 of us sisters, brother-in-law, aunt almost over it....wow! Got to love sharing during the holidays!!!) I'm just watching old Andy Griffith shows and embroidering kitchen towels instead. Hopefully, I will feel like sewing tomorrow.

  2. Great idea using the panel as the pattern for the dress. It turned out amazing! Your daughter is going to love it.

    I would have loved to receive doll clothes when I was a kid. I used to love playing with dolls, especially dressing them up in different outfits. I only wish my daughter had loved dolls as much as I did. She wanted nothing to do with them. Our house was overrun with stuffed animals instead.