Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Some Christmas Gifts For Free

This is kind of a special Thrifty Thursday post for me as my husband got me some Christmas gifts.  For free :).

My husband has taken up some side work to help out a relative (and us) and as part of the job they are redoing a house that someone got on auction.  So, one of the goals of redoing said house is to clean it out of the things the previous owners left behind.

And my husband found me some vintage Corelle and some Pyrex pie dishes.

He gave the dishes to me early as I had to clean them up a bit (stuck on old food, etc), but they cleaned up just fine.  I'm super happy as I use my Corelle ALL the time and this gives me a few more pieces to put into circulation (thus allowing me to not have to worry about buying more plastic throw away containers too).

You can't beat a price tag of "free" when being thrifty :).


  1. What a happy gift! I got that same bright flowered pattern for my wedding over 27 years ago. And my sister had the blue pattern, she got married in 1970. It's funny to hear my things called "vintage". But then I'm sort of vintage too.LOL

    1. I understand, trust me. The first time I heard the music I grew up with and loved on the "oldies" station I was like, "I'm old???" *Laugh*

  2. I just love those old patterns. I have a couple. Lucky find! Angela

  3. What a nice haul! Very useful.

  4. Boy, was your husband thinking when he found those! I'm glad he knew you well enough that his was a PERFECT gift to bring home to you. Can't beat the price either!

    I can so appreciate your love of Corelle and and Pyrexware. I have the same love for vintage enamelware...and yes, my husband knows it too.