About Us

Why are we here?  What is our purpose in this life?  How am I going to make my bills this month?

We've all asked those questions from time to time.  Well, except the last one.  And if you haven't ever had to ask that one...well I envy you.  Seriously.

This is 2015.  A new year.  A new beginning.  And boy do we need it.  And I know I'm not alone in this outlook.

The last three years, two of those years have been just out and out awful financially.  And there came a time recently when I realized that most of my adult life?  Something has happened to keep my finances in flux and not in a good way. 

Oddly enough, even through years of being perpetually broke, my husband and I have managed to pay off debt and live decently well for the meager earnings we get.

So, here I am again in 2015.  We are officially poor, again, living hand to mouth as we scrape and save to rebuild our pantry that we had to live out of for eight months last year when my husband was unemployed due to lack of work.  Our savings is gone and we're having to start from ground zero to rebuild it.  And all the while we determinedly pay down debt year after year.

So, when some of my friends begged, and no I'm not exaggerating here, to share our journeys and trials as we rebuild our financial lives once again, I figured "why not" seeing as how it might help keep me on track and maybe, just maybe, give others in a similar situation some hope and inspiration. 

So, come around from time to time.  I'll be sharing recipes, readings, bits of wisdom (or total crud, depending on your perspective) and other things and events that have to do with home making and figuring out how to get by when things are so tight it feels more than a little constricting.

I'm glad to have you here! We're all in this together!


  1. Yes we are. Following your story and pulling for you!

  2. Just found your blog from the Prudent Homemaker. I can appreciate what you're young through. Setbacks come and go. Tough times never seem like fun, but I am still always amazed at how The Lord blesses us with awesome and unexpected surprises when we feel at the lowest point. I know you will find strength and creativity you didn't realize you had. Take care, pray & keep up the good work!!

  3. Am looking forward to reading through your blog. Sorry you have had a rough few years. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  4. Hi Make Do Homemaker:

    Can you email me privately at aedurrett AT gmail.com? enjoy your writing and would like to mail you a small contribution.